Network Solutions SharePoint Hosting – A Great Choice For All

Network Solutions SharePoint Hosting – A Great Choice For All

Network Solutions SharePoint hosting or nsHosting SharePoint as is commonly referred to by people in the technology circles is a pretty new concept that is not just found in every other web hosting company. If you have never come across it or if you have come across it but do not know what it method, then you need to understand that this refers to a rare service that allows users to proportion the account that you have managed to buy. Under this service, you will have the opportunity of having different people in the organization having different accounts but which are billed together under “one roof.” There are three different categories of Network Solutions SharePoint hosting that we are going to look at.

nsHosting SharePoint (Small)

As the name indicates, this refers to the most basic of all the categories under the SharePoint banner. This method that you have some benefits which you get, but which are limited compared to the others in the banner. The first thing that you need to know is that you will be required to pay a monthly fee of approximately $8 per month. With this, you are allowed a disk space of around 500MB. In addition to the 500MB disk space; you also get the opportunity to have up to 50 users using the account that you have. This is ideal for small organizations, or for a group of few individuals that do online businesses.

nsHosting SharePoint (Medium)

The next in the category of Network Solutions SharePoint hosting is the medium category. It is next to the small category and it offers a bunch of extras. For you to get the benefits under this banner, you need to be able to pay around $16 per month. At this amount, you will be able to access 1TB of space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. Under this category, you will also be able to have 50 email boxes. This method that you can have up to 50 people with email addresses that have a rare domain name.

nsHosting SharePoint (Large)

The other package under this banner is the large one. This package allows you to have unlimited bandwidth and 5GB of space. In addition to this, you also have an opportunity of having up to 500 users in your account. For you to get all this, you must be willing and able to pay at the minimum $39 every single month.

All in all, the Network Solutions SharePoint hosting is a good place for small and medium enterprises to check out for some great service at affordable prices.

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