MySpace Mafia Wars – Cheats quantity 1

For the past few months I have been hooked on these new social networking games. It started out as just something to do to pass the time but after playing games such as Mafia Wars, Mobsters, and Dragon Wars I realized how addicting it could be. The problem is that with a complete time school schedule and a complete time job I just do not have the time to keep up with those people who can provide to use 9 to 10 hours a day playing those games. So what did I do?

Well I basically went on a quest to find any cheats, hints, tips, and codes for Mafia Wars that I could uncover. Also Instead of playing the game the regular way, I looked at ways that I can get ahead faster than the average person just clicking and waiting. I crunched numbers, I looked at the code, I asked other players…you name it I did it all.

After doing all of this research I came to the conclusion that the developer did an excellent job of protecting Mafia Wars from cheats and hacks. However, no one is perfect and by my research I did find many cheats and glitches for the game that once worked. Unfortunately none of them were working up until the time of this writing.

I was disappointed but I persevered and AT LAST I found two ways that someone who cannot provide to put in those longgggggg hours can get ahead in Mafia Wars.

1. Have a HUGE mafia so you can win more battles

2. Find a program to automate mundane responsibilities so that you only have to be there for the fun parts!

So instead of focusing my energy on finding holes in the game I focused on these two areas which so far have done wonders for my Mafia wars account. already though there may not be any Mafia Wars cheats these two things can help the average person keep up with those who have much more time to use on the game.

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