MotorBella Impresses And Thrills As replace NAIAS

PONTIAC, Michigan – MotorBella, the 2021 replace the North American Auto Show got off to a soggy start but was a tremendous success during the Media Preview and presentation. Light rain spoiled the look of new and shining vehicles spread across the M1 Concourse and track.

M1 Concourse For MotorBella

Motorbella preview. Photo By Lars Hjelmroth

The M1 Concourse is an 87-acre complicate of garage kind condos that occupy the former GM truck and bus factory. This all rings a test track that was too wet to allow for the demos and familiarization rides that some manufacturers had planned for the media.

Rod Alberts and Michigan Governor Jennifer Whitmore kicked off the show. Governor Whitmore welcomed attendees and announced a meaningful initiative for the advancement of electric vehicles in the State of Michigan. She hypothesizedv that the Michigan Department of Transportation will begin work to develop a stretch of public roadways that will be the first to provide wireless charging for electric vehicles while being pushed.

Brands Participate

Mororbella Ford interview. Photo By Lars Hjelmroth

Ford Motor Company General Manager of Passenger Vehicles, Jeff Marentic, gave a preview of their flagship electric Expedition. He stressed that social media was big in their playbook. He said. “We have developed a means to take you where you want to go.” Also emphasizing the off-road capability and strength to haul.

Brand Manager Devin McPalane showed off the Stealth, Platinum and Timberline.

Marentic was followed by Toyota’s Vice-President of North America Marketing Joe Moses. Moses introduced the Tundra which was planned and prepared at their Ann Arbor Engineering Center. He stressed QDR-quality, durability and reliability. He was pushing the concept of “a strong confident and powerful means.”

The Camp Jeep Experience showed off their all-ground and new electric Jeep Wrangler 4xe; and Ram TRX Experience. It was a half-mile course of pure fun. There were bumps, hills, extreme turns and a Disney-like jump.

Many local Universities had mobility and electric means displays including a very comprehensive exhibition from Italy.

Motorbella new Corvette. Photo By Lars Hjelmroth

Raymond Rolak is a veteran sports broadcaster who writes on a range of sporting events, plus automotive and aviation topics of interest.

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