More People ‘Going On Long Haul Breaks’

More People ‘Going On Long Haul Breaks’

An increasing number of Britons are looking to go on mini breaks in far flung parts of the world, a new study shows.

In research carried out by Halifax Travel Insurance, it was revealed that last year 3.7 million tourists went on a long-haul flight for a vacation lasting no longer than a week. It was also revealed that consumers spent more than 5.5 billion air miles flying on such breaks. North America was shown to be the most popular destination, with 1.97 million consumers jetting off on a short break to the continent in 2007.

The Far East, which includes the likes of Japan and China, attracted 540,000 consumers, with 226,000 going to the Indian subcontinent. Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East were also revealed to be popular destinations for holidaymakers.

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As 2008 progresses Halifax suggested that already more people will want to go on this kind of holiday with an estimated 4.9 million “speed tourists” set to go away. Such a figure is an increase of 35 per cent from last year.

Consumers from the south-east appear to be most willing to jet off for a long-haul break that is less than a week long, with 12 per cent of Britons in the vicinity – about 1.45 million – setting their sights on this kind of holiday. Seven per cent of people from the Midlands and Scotland also wish to do this. In comparison just six per cent of people living in Wales and the south-west of England are looking to go on this sort of vacation.

Paul Birkhead, senior manager of pricing and underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance, said: “Better airline quality, the lure of winter sun, favourable exchange rates and cheaper long haul flights have produced a expansion in need for long-haul mini breaks, with millions of us lasting long flights for a weekend break on the other side of the globe.”

He additional: “Holidaymakers should not risk travelling without adequate insurance just because they are taking a short break. Things can go wrong whether you are taking a break for two days or two weeks. Travel insurance will cover you for the unexpected, making it vital that everyone has it. Lost baggage, delayed flights or illness can prove expensive, especially if you are thousands of miles away from home.”

Should a without of insurance see consumers forced to shell out of their own pockets to meet such costs it is possible that their finances will come under more pressure upon their return home. This may cause them to develop problems with making repayments on loans and credit cards, in addition to other expenses such as household bills and mortgage costs.

For people looking to finance the break of a lifetime, a low-cost loan could provide useful monetary help. Such a loan might be of particular assistance to older people after a recent Alliance & Leicester study revealed that more than 11 million Britons over the age of 50 state they plan to go on holiday more often during the next ten years. For such consumers travel was seen to be a bigger priority than keeping fit or spending time with loved ones. Research from the financial sets provider showed that 54 per cent of the over-50s would like to go oversea on a regular basis and visit long-haul destinations.

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