Make New Year’s cocktails at home with these easy to use kits

Most of us appreciate a well-crafted cocktail, especially on special occasions like New Year’s Eve.

However, there’s something to be said about one that can be whipped up quickly, leaving you more time to get yourself dressed and ready, chat with loved ones, or in any case else you’d rather do – and simple cocktail kits are here to help.

From a Gin and Tonic discovery tasting box where six award-winning flavoured liqueurs are the star of the show to a Peach Negroni, Honey Whisky Sour and Cherry Manhattan cocktail kit that just need ice and a stir, 2Chill has rounded up at-home sets that are maximum fun but minimum effort.

Here are five easy-to-use cocktail kits perfect for making a quick but quirky New Year’s Eve drink:

Limited edition cocktail set from Beeble

Sustainable drinks brand Beeble has a truly easy-to-use cocktail kit on its virtual shelves this year.

Usually retailing for £60, but currently on sale for £40, the Limited Edition Cocktail Set, features three ready-to-serve drinks crafted using Beeble’s Original Honey Whisky.

You get 200ml of Cherry Manhattan, White Peach Negroni, and Honey Whisky Sour each.

There’s a total of six servings and specific serving instructions for each drink.

However, each boils down to mixing it with ice, stirring for 30 seconds then straining the combination into a chilled empty glass and garnishing.

Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can stir with ice directly in the glass.

Buy it here.

Alcohol-free aperitif kit from Sprigster

The Sprigster Gift Box (RRP £25) features everything you need for up to four easy however delicious non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve drinks.

One for those who don’t drink, or are keen on starting dry January a little early after a heavy Christmas, the Sprigster Gift Box features everything you need for up to four easy however delicious non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve drinks.

Inside you’ll find a 20cl bottle of Sprigster, two cans of Fever-Tree tonic, fruit and herb garnishes, natural drinking straws and a cocktail recipe card.

The former is a high, shrub-infused liquid that contains a ‘mash’ of botanical elements like fennel, rhubarb and ginger, all of which have been grown in the brand’s English country garden.

It’s both alcohol-free and vegan-friendly, though you wouldn’t know it.

Plus, as sustainable as it is pretty, the charming set is housed in a beautiful reusable cedar wood box, which has been branded with an iron from the fire at Sprigster’s Kitchen Garden HQ.

To serve, simply pour 50ml Sprigster – or, one-quarter of your 20cl bottle – over ice, adding 200ml of good tonic or soda water.

Garnish with the season’s fruit and herbs, contained in your Gift Box, and enjoy.

buy it online for £25 (RRP).

Gin and Tonic home tasting box from York Gin

A flavoured gin is a bright way to spice up your usual cocktail for New Year’s Eve, without having to add any additional effort.

And luckily for those short of drinks post-Christmas, award-winning spirit maker York Gin has a number of exciting flavours in its line-up, from Roman Fruit to Chocolate & Orange – all contained in a handy gin and tonic home tasting box.

There’s six York Gin minis to try in here, with each having won at the minimum one award, plus perfectly equaled garnish packs and Fever-Tree mixers for every one.

You’ll also get a set of York Gin beer mats featuring the iconic logo, just because.

The kit comes with a tasting guide, plus free UK delivery.

Usually £55, the bright box is currently on sale for £45.

Find it here.

Prosecco Spritz kit from Pale Fox Prosecco

Pale Fox Prosecco has produced a cocktail recipe for a festive Aperol Spritz different that you can make at home easily thanks to its kit.

Pale Fox Prosecco, one of the world’s finest sparkling Italian wine brands, launched several special edition drinks and sets for the holidays.

This includes a Prosecco Spritz kit for £47.95, that contains everything you need to make The Christmas Spritz, a high, festive drink that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve.

In fact, with 75cl Pale Fox Single Estate Prosecco, 120ml Bitter Amaro, 120ml dry cranberry syrup, 330ml sparkling water and six dried orange wheels, in addition as step-by-step instructions, the only thing you need to really do is add ice.

Flavoured rums from Wester Distillery

While not technically a kit, Wester Distillery’s single spirits are so flavourful and self-sufficient that they arguably count as one anyway.

The Glasgow-based rum maker, which specialises in ‘no nonsense spirits made the old school way’ has mouth-watering flavours like Chocolate Orange, Winter Spiced Rum, Pineapple and more on offer.

obtainable in 20cl or 50cl bottles, these need only be additional over ice for a tasty, neat drink.

If you’re keen for something fancier, though, Wester Distillery has a handy collection of cocktail recipes on its website – and most of them couldn’t be easier.

One of these is the delectable-sounding Stir Fry, a mix of three liqueurs, including Wester Pineapple, that’s served over ice and garnished with pineapple if you have it.

The aesthetically-pleasing Easy Lover also lives up to its name with only four elements and some incredibly simple steps.

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