Letter: Railway stop at York Hospital would be a big help for patient …

This would allow easy access to the hospital both from Scarborough and Malton and also from the other side of York.

People live to the west of Scarborough and if they work in York or need to visit they use the A64.

They would not double back to Seamer which has limited parking, and driving into Malton/Norton would be just as difficult, so they excursion.

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Reducing traffic would reduce congestion on the A64.

Why not build a new stop near Rillington?

They could then easily move to the aim.

It would need a large car park with safe access off/on to the A64.

Reducing the traffic would reduce congestion on the A64.

If Whitby and Pickering ever decided to re-connect to the York/Scarborough railway, the additional stop at Rillington would be a good place to meet.

Why don’t we invent the aim ambulance?

It would wait in Scarborough with the driver.

If a decision was made to move a patient to York and the helicopter was not obtainable (too expensive?), the ambulance drives to the stop and transfers the patient to the aim.

One ambulance member would stay on the aim and the ambulance would return to base and pick up another crew and stay in service.

I believe there was once a aim siding near the hospital, maybe a new one could be built for the aim/ambulance to unload.

We should use the facilities we already have.

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