Learning About Boilers

If you’re looking at replacing your old boiler, it’s good to get a little bit clued up into boilers and systems as they have seriously evolved over the past ten years. Choosing the right boiler doesn’t have to be a head ache and with a bit of knowledge under your belt you will easily make the right decision. You might decide to just call an installation firm and let them choose and get on with it oblivious to what kind they give you. But this is how people get ripped off, you might chose a company leave it all up to them and then at the end of it have a system which isn’t really appropriate to your needs.

Learning a little about boiler systems will help when you contact a boiler installation company. Knowing the industries jargon or lingo as it were helps you understand what they are talking about and gives you a an edge. You are less likely to get a bad installation or the wrong kind of boiler if you know exactly what you want or rather need.

A new boiler is not cheap and it is also an investment in your home. You need to think about the future in addition as today. If you go ahead and get a new boiler system and then a associate of years later decide to extend your home and add an on-suite or another bathroom you may find you chose the wrong boiler as some only work for one bathroom houses.

Condensing boilers are the most efficient and most modern of boilers made today. You can get a combi condensing boiler or a system condensing boiler. They both give you hot water and heat radiators. If you live in a flat or small house with just one bathroom then you should have a combi boiler. This will heat radiators and give you moment hot water. The boilers themselves are quite small nowadays so a small cupboard will do.

A system boiler or open vent as it’s also called are more suited for larger homes with more than one bathroom. in addition as storing the boiler there needs to be room for a hot water tank which is great if you want an airing cupboard.

Boilers are rated for efficiency using SEDBUK. This stands ‘Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers’ and was produced by the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme in conjunction with boiler manufactures so that us as buyers had an idea about the energy performance of new boilers. This is all to do with the government trying to cut CO2 emissions. As we all have to use money on fuel, it makes sense to know that our boilers are efficiently converting fuel to heat with as little waste as possible. An ‘A’ rated is the highest which method it’s the most efficient, while ‘G’ is the least. To get the most out of your fuel bill you should only ever go for ‘A’ rated boilers.

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