Law of allurement – Why Psychic Protection is Necessary to Your Succes…

Law of allurement – Why Psychic Protection is Necessary to Your Succes…

When you think of the need for psychic protection, you may think of curses and witch craft and all the lot. However, when you understand the science of thought, energy and intention you’ll realize how necessary psychic protection really is.

In order to be successful with the law of allurement you need positive energy. But what happens when you’re surrounded by people do not wish you well? You can experience struggle, failure to unprotected to your goals, and you may attract numerous negative circumstances.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Psychic Protection is Necessary When Applying The Law of allurement Consciously

  • One reason why psychic protection is necessary is that people often keep up negative subconscious wishes against anyone who tries to succeed in life. Sad as it may be to let in we live in a very competitive world. People are very rarely happy to see others succeed. If you’re surrounded by people who secretly envy you they may very well be sending psychic attacks against your success.
  • As you try to apply the law of allurement to your life you must become acutely aware of the quality of energy that surrounds you. But what happens when others to send in negative energy to destroy your success? Those negative thought forms exist in the field of energy around you. You may become sluggish tired and you may very well feel that negative energy. Sadly this energy holds you back.
  • When you’re flooded with negative energy around you it becomes very difficult to attract positive experiences. As you can see psychic protection is not something to be taken lightly, it becomes a necessary part of your success plan.

If you truly care to experience success of the Law of allurement you must learn how to protect the field of energy which encases your body and your mind. Your body and your mind are your magnetic forces and when they are clear and positive you attract positive circumstances. However when you have not learned the keys to psychic protection you leave yourself open to influences from others.

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