Law of allurement – Protecting Yourself Against Negative Psychic Energ…

Law of allurement – Protecting Yourself Against Negative Psychic Energ…

The moment you start caring, your soul will get elevated to a higher level. You will be given more strength when you start caring about others. Your spiritual body brightens up like a holy light as you are being brought to the positive side of the universe. As we all know, staying on the brighter side is much better than staying on the dark side.

When you have done something that is good, you will be able to feel both the joy and happiness. It pushes aside your problems, worries and frustrations in addition as other things that stress you out. Fill your spirit will joy, hope, compassion and faith so that you will be able to do things in a more constructive and positive manner.

Let go the worries, fears, guilt and disorganized confusion! Stop blaming yourself, or others, over something that had gone wrong in the past. Seek the higher and deeper knowledge in addition as wisdom by prayers and mantra. You will be able to strengthen your inner chief with repetitive prayers because your thoughts and the words you speak out will become congruent and whole.

Be good to your psychic enemies. Deal with them with a lot of compassion and love so that you generate enough positive energies within you and your ecosystem to really defend against any negative forms of attacks. This will help form a long lasting effect on yourself mentally and physically as you carry actions with thoughts of love.

Never fear. The more fear you have for them, the more strength will be given to them. Fear can erode your self confidence. Fear can directly affect your inner self in addition as your personal aura. It is very important that you stay positive at all times.

You will become a more giving, self-controlled, loving, peaceful and selfless person when you have developed positive thoughts. Repeat the prayer or mantra until its meaning soaks into you. You will find them very calming in times of great fear or stress.

Leave possessiveness, criticism, hatred, judgment from your thoughts and actions. Learn the discipline to look upon anyone with appreciation. This will help you to concentrate on the positive side of things in the whole universe.

To end this article, psychic attacks are less likely to occur to you if you stay confident, self-empowering and positive. The positive attitudes will form your most effective line of defense against negative energies.

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