Keeping Perspective While Change Is in the Air

Keeping Perspective While Change Is in the Air

Psychic Potentials offers this Fall Equinox, 2010 reading for You.

Keeping things in perspective will be the main theme, over the next few months as internal shake ups and changes continue to come. It is said that ‘change waits for no one’ and when the dimensional energies shift then the changes happen already quicker.

The summer is almost over and sometimes it is hard to imagine that time can fly by so fast and that You may have not already noticed. As it is sometimes with events and situations in life.

All of a sudden something is happening and You did not already see it coming. Take a thorough breath and stay heart open if You can.

And the times that are hard to stay heart open, hope is always a good energy to use time cultivating.

The situations coming may cause You to take action to protect what You find valuable to You. Do You know what You stand for? Watch for the people that would be willing to join in and stand with You, if You choose to proportion your direction.

And if You feel justified in being rebellious over the next few months, remember that if You put the responsibility of leadership of your life in an others hands, You are by default accepting what they decide.

When You recognize Your ability to rule your self, then You will have a better time getting where You choose to go. It is a good time for being just and fair with Your self and others.

Perception is always, in hind sight, much more clear and honest. Forgiveness serves the one who gives it. Is there anything You could forgive yourself for? Or maybe another?

How best to keep things in balance and to recognize what contribution You have made to the present situations. When we realize that we are an active players in this production then our contributions can be value additional.

How can You let go of the resistance to how powerful You are and how instrumental You are in creating what is around You?

In our busy society there is much discomfort and often already guilt surrounding the idea of time off and time out. Isn’t it time to take the time in non-action, that it takes, to know what You truly want, what your passion is and what fulfills You.

Wouldn’t You rather do what makes You feel fulfilled and do less, than do at all event You have to, to do more. It is okay to remember back and find clues about what lights You up but remember that in this moment there are always indicators in addition. Find what really moves You? Go for it!

Quarterly focus-Releasing resistance to bigger changes happening swiftly. Affirming that, “Change is the energy of growth and I embrace this energy.”

In Heart Centered Awareness,

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