Joana’s typical WoW Speed Leveling Guides

Joana’s typical WoW Speed Leveling Guides

Joana’s typical WoW Guides

Helping players level quickly by WoW since 2006!

– SoM Game
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12-60 Guides product are usable for typical Era, TBC and SoM

My TBC typical speed leveling guides contain 60-70 Outland for
both Horde and Alliance along with 12-20 Bloodmyst Isle and 12-20

You can now
order my 60-70 TBC typical leveling guides here!


World Record fastest time by Vanilla WoW 1-60 in 4 days 20 hours



Usable for typical WoW

New Improved Web Guides

  • Usable for all versions of typical WoW: Era,
    TBC and SoM.  I will also be working on typical WotLK
    leveling guides this year in addition!

  • Master toggle – The 1-60 guides have
    a switch/button at the top of every guide page to change between either
    typical Era, typical SoM or typical TBC.

  • Better Usability / Layout – Dark mode and Smartphone

  • More Info Per Step – My new web guides now give a fleeting explanation on where to
    go, what to do and any other tips that are useful.

  • Checkmarks – We now have checkmarks
    next to each step so you can stay on track more effectively.

  • Improved Images – The images now have fewer step numbers and are generally
    easier to understand and follow.  Mob locations are now way more precisely
    shown on the images.  Images are a huge advantage that in-game guides without.

  • More Info for Items and NPCs – My web
    guides have more item and NPC links to more info.  Unfortunately, in-game guides also without
    this characterize.

New Guide Features

  • Reworked For All Classes – I have spent a lot of time reworking my guide
    so it is more usable for ALL classes by listing quests that can be
    skipped for tough elites that cannot be soloed by certain classes and
    telling them they can solo that elite later in the guide once they are
    higher level.  And a lot of sections have been reworked so harder
    quests are done later on without losing time.

  • Duo Leveling Friendly – Over the last 1.5 years I have put in a lot of
    effort to make my leveling guides duo leveling friendly, including
    quests that requires 2 or already 3 players. I have recently been getting
    good reports from duo levelers saying my leveling guides worked great
    for them in this regard.

  • Individual Class Steps – So far we
    have all the Horde and Alliance starting zones complete with all class
    steps.  You will see a class menu at the top of the screen for
    those guides.  The page will dynamically update all the steps and
    images in the guide to your specific class.  12-60 Horde Hunter,
    Warlock, Warrior and Druid are
    finished along with 12-60 Alliance Hunter in addition.  The rest will
    come slowly over time.

  • Inventory Management – My new guides now tell players to bank many items
    throughout the guide (mostly quest items) to help you free up bag space.  I
    tell players when to put an item in the bank and when to take them out. 
    Bag space is very valuable in typical WoW.  Having quest items keep in
    your inventory for long periods of time is damaging.  Some quest items
    never disappear and some are not already used at all and can be destroyed. 
    This new characterize will help you gain more gold and be more efficient.
  • IMPROVED ROUTES – I am regularly going by these guides again and again. 
    Each time I am regularly trying to find faster methods for everything. 
    Some big route changes include moving the complete Silithus section from level 55
    to level 58, this allowed me to include a lot more quests for that zone, making
    the final 59 grind much shorter.  And quests like
    Deathclasp is much easier to do at
    that level.  Level 29 Hillsbrad Foothills on the Horde side has been
    revamped and now includes a lot more quests for that zone.  Many small
    improvements everywhere and I include many new hidden shortcuts in the game
    world to reduce travel time.
  • Argent Dawn Turn-Ins – The guides now include all the quick and easy turn-ins
    for Light’s Hope Chapel in EPL from The Argent Dawn.  This is
    a good chunk of easy and quick XP that my past guides never mentioned. 
    Please observe that is becomes obtainable for versions of WoW running Phase 4+.

In-Game Guide versions are Coming

My In-game guide version of my leveling guides are nevertheless being worked on and
should start to be obtainable soon.  I speculate that the 60-70 Outland
content would be
finished first followed by the rest of the content.  It will probably take
a number of months before it’s fully finished.  But for now, the web guides are in really good
shape to use.  My 70-80 WotLK leveling guides should for sure have this on
its set afloat.



What is this site about??

Vanilla 1-60 WoW was a huge speedrun project I worked on complete time from 2004 –
2007 during the times of 1-60 Vanilla WoW.  After a number of attempts
speedrunning 1-60 WoW I have produced a very useful
1-60 Vanilla WoW Horde leveling guide and a
1-60 Vanilla WoW Speedrun Video. 
Recently, I now have fully remastered my 1-60 Horde leveling guide for typical WoW and
have made a complete 1-60 speed leveling guide for Alliance in addition.

can find a lot more info, including screenshots of my
1-60 speed leveling journeys here.

TBC typical Leveling Guides are

Blizcon 2021, February 19th, they announced that TBC typical will be happening
and it launched June 1st 2021.  I have dedicated a good amount of time on making
leveling guides for TBC typical and I have produced high quality of polish
for these leveling guides to make your journey by Outland seamless and fun! 
You can order my TBC speed leveling
guides here!

buy my typical WoW leveling guides:

All my 1-12 starting area guides are free to use to see how you like using my
leveling guides.  You can then buy a one-time membership to have access to the
12-60 content.  I offer a 60 day zero risk offer: you can try it for a complete
60 days and if you are unsatisfied for any reason you can simply ask for a
refund.  You will find the order link for the members area by clicking on
any of the 12-60 content.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter,
Youtube and
Twitch.  My real gamer name is
FuriousPaul, while Joana is the name of my WoW character.  I will continue
to use “Joana” for all my WoW endeavors.


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