ITV The Masked Singer viewers 100% certain they’ve uncovered Doughnut’…

The Masked Singer viewers are 100% certain they’ve uncovered Doughnut’s identity in the first episode.

The hit ITV competition, which sees judges trying to guess who the celebrities are behind the outlandish costumes just from their singing voices, was back for the first episode of the third series on Saturday night (January 1).

And viewers are convinced they know who Doughnut is already.

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After several Liverpool references and clues about reaching for their goals, viewers at home were all in agreement with estimate Mo Gilligan, who guessed it could be Michael Owen.

They took to Twitter to speculate.

Becky said: “I’m going 100% Doughnut is Michael Owen #themaskedsinger.”

Dez M wrote: “Doughnut has got to be Micheal Owen! Lots of Liverpool references and ‘jockeying’ for position #TheMaskedSinger.”

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Anita additional: “If Donuts isn’t @themichaelowen ill eat my hat!!! Crisps – he had Cheese and Owen crisp flavour, jokey – hes a big race horse owner, goals – he scored a few! #TheMaskedSinger.”

Rob agreed: “Donut sounds like @themichaelowen #themaskedsinger.”

Mrsslippy additional: “Michael Owen doughnut monster thingy or at all event it is. Sound #TheMaskedSingerUK #themaskedsinger”

DavidHUK77 said: “#themaskedsinger donot Sounds like Michael Owen. Goals & Jockey.”

But others aren’t convinced they have it cracked.

Other guesses from viewers included footballing legends Gary Lineker and Chris Kamara.

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