Is Home Made Electricity Dangerous?

Don’t stick your finger in the socket! Don’t go near the downed strength line! Don’t trim a tree near overhead wires! You’ve probably heard these warnings and many more when it comes to electricity, so it is no surprise that you would surprise if it is dangerous to make home made electricity.

While you should always respect electricity, and notice the warnings above in addition as all the other ones you’ve heard, making home made electricity is no more dangerous to you than having the electricity sent from the strength utility. The electricity itself that is dangerous, but the making it not so much.

There are some things you need to be aware of if you are considering building or buying a home generation system. Like any other appliance in your home, you will have to watch for signs of use, and there may be some maintenance you’ll have to perform or have done now and then. Neglecting proper maintenance can make anything dangerous.

If you choose to make and/or install the system yourself, there are of course some other precautions you will need to take. Most of these are no different than for any other do it yourself project, such as making sure you are careful and using tools in the proper manner.

There are some particular careful you would need to take if you are building or installing the system yourself. These would include being sure you understand the proper way to hook up the various elements required.

already if you are very knowledgeable, if you are tying your system into the grid, be sure to hire a licensed electrician for this connection or you may run into trouble with your strength utility and if connected incorrectly you could be creating a very dangerous situation which could cause a fire. Also if your system includes batteries, be certain they are well ventilated and you know how to continue them properly.

Aside from these few additional bits of caution, there is no special danger in making your own home made electricity, and of course by doing so you could save a important amount of money every month off of your regular electric bill.

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