If Everything Goes Wrong, Just Laugh

“If everything goes wrong- just laugh!”This idea came to me in meditation this morning after deeply crying out to infinite spirit for relief from a difficult situation that I have been processing. When I first heard this inner guidance from my higher self, I got a bit angry. “Easy for you to say just laugh, from your non-physical perspective” I thought to myself. Then as I was sitting there it started to rain. “Rats!” I thought- I was going to attend an outdoor concert with a friend, at a park today.My next thought was “The universe is really messing with me today.” I know this must sound very self centered and indeed it is, but sometimes I think that life is testing my ability to flow and be flexible and let go of how and when things should happen.however, on a larger extent there may be a more perfect plan working out that is synchronized with divine timing and has an existential perfection that leans in favor of the whole over the individual.

To demonstrate this point, consider that already though I will not be attending the concert today the rain is a welcome relief from the dry heat we have been having. The birds are singing and the ground is soaking up the welcome refreshment. My kitty is sitting next to me at my desk and my puppy is snuggled by my feet. We are having some unplanned family time because of the rains that are hitting outside. They both seem completely undisturbed by a rainstorm. So, I will take my clue from them to relax and just laugh that life had a different plan for me today. The truth is, I haven’t been feeling very inspired to write. I know that I can’t force words onto the page and always have to bow to divine timing when a surge of willingness erupts from,and I can then sit down at the computer and channel the inspiration that my spirit wishes to proportion. I believe there is a perfection to life that is greater than my desires.The rain gave me a good excuse to stay inside and write. My anger has dissolved and I am laughing inside.

I invite you today if there is any topic in your life that is causing you turmoil to simply laugh at in any case it is. For usually in 30-90 days, in any case issue seems so monumental to you now, will fade softly into the background and then you can laugh at your foolishness for having been so upset about it. I know this takes an incredible amount of faith to just let go and let life have its way but, I have found the pay-off is immeasurable. I am learning to develop inner contentment in spite of of the circumstances. Our journey upon this earth is so very short. Let’s laugh as much as we can along the way.

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