Hypnosis: How Past Life Regressions Explain Troublesome Relationships

“I hate my mother!” my client vented. This was the first time meeting her and she closest began describing images of an evil wretch. “She hit me everyday of my life! She hates me; she hates everyone. Why was I born to this miserable person?”

As a clinical hypnotist, I have seen this before. People don’t always understand or make sense of strained relationships. When someone is making them miserable, the cause may be connected to a past life. People often come around in soul groups; it’s a way of balancing karma. Karma is not a punishment, but more of a balancing of energy. It could be positive or negative depending on the experience. Past life regression therapy often discloses the meaningful event where the energy needs to be balanced. You may have experienced meeting someone for the first time and closest have a reaction to them which does not make any sense. The answer could be rooted in a past life together when that person was either friend or foe.

My client’s mother passed away years before, however her emotions nevertheless rage today. We had a lot of work to do. She was eager and quickly began her journey by the lifetime of her soul. Her thorough level of hypnosis was evidenced by her eyelids fluttering and twitching.

“Let’s begin at a past life that has a bearing on this lifetime,” I suggested. People who are in a thorough trance can nevertheless speak, although their sentences are short and to the point.

“I see an ascending staircase. White, marble, majestic. It could be a castle. I don’t know how I fit in here however. Oh, I am living it. I’m walking up the stairs now,” she continued. “Kind of like a fairy tale. I am wearing a light flowy garment; my hair is long and really pretty. I have a tiara – wow- it’s gold – regal-ness is there. Burgundy wine color robe. I’m truly wearing a white flowy long dress then there’s a robe. I am a princess. I can see my confront. I’m in my teens. It’s 1896 in Bavaria? Something like that. I’m very regal. I feel safe. I feel like everything is great. Very light inside. No worries. I’m walking up the stairs. Kind of like Rapunzel. Beyond the stair well, I can see outside is beautifully green – like Ireland green. The doors at the top of the steps are opened for me. Princess Madame. Whoa, I’m really pretty! People like me! I don’t want to call them servants – they know that I treat them beautifully.” My client was amazed at how good it felt to feel pretty, loved and accepted, something she hasn’t felt in this lifetime.

“They do their job willingly,” she continued. “The servants. They like me. I’m very kind and gentle and soft-spoken. It’s so peaceful inside the castle. I’m the light in the castle. The colors are deeper than what my heart feels comfortable with. I’m getting tired and going to my boudoir. There are two ladies-in-waiting. Wow, a huge 4 poster bed! Most of the bed is white and it looks so plush and welcoming. I walk into the room and she removed my royal cloak. Oh, I just heard someone is going to murder me!”

I suspected it would be her mother in this lifetime as that could explain their relationship, but I didn’t want to plant any suggestions in her mind. I stayed quiet.

“I see my vanity and dressing table. They are just waiting for me to tell them what to do. I’m starting to feel fear. My chambermaid asks if I want tea. I definitely feel fear now. I don’t know it in that moment- I really just want to get into bed. My clothes feel pretty and don’t weigh anything. I don’t want to take them off. I want her to leave. The other lady-in-waiting scurried out the door, but she wasn’t supposed to use that door. I use that door. She’s suppose to use the other door. Oh, she is consorting with the guard. I’m in bed and this lady – my main chambermaid now looks evil. Her eyes are fiery. She’s scary now. Why is she looking at me that way? She is wicked. A phony. She was always so nice to me.”

I could see my client was becoming eager, but I knew she would get the answers she was looking for. I let her continue.

“It’s weird. I’m reading her mind. She wanted to poison me with the tea. She doesn’t like that everybody loves me cause I’m young, pretty and smart. She hates me! But why? Uh, she has children. She has a daughter she thinks should be in my position, I look at her and I know I’m afraid. I’m not moving. I ask her why she’s angry. She says I don’t deserve this. But I nevertheless don’t understand why. She says her daughter should be the princess. Oh, she had an affair with my father, the king. She feels used by him. Oh, she has an illegitimate child. I try to tell her that my father adores me. She’s raging! I feel her energy. Pure rage! Her eyes are evil! She wants to choke me. I just think my father won’t let this happen to me. She had the other lady-in-waiting guard the door. This witch is going to kill me! She’s my mother!” It was an ‘aha’ moment for her. “She wants to kill me- I can’t move. I don’t know – I can’t move. I’m not moving. She wants to kill me. She has nothing and her daughter has nothing. I ask her how it will assistance her daughter if she kill me? She said the king will let her daughter be princess. I mentally say do you really think he is going to love you or your daughter if you kill me? She doesn’t care- oh, everyone will miss me- be so mad- so weird. She chokes me – it’s unbelievable- I’m flabbergasted- harder- she chokes me – her eyes twinkle – there’s a grin on her confront – oooo she’s eeevil. I’m dead now. I nevertheless look pretty already though there are red marks on my neck. She is puffed up like a blow fish and she is happy.”

I watched my client’s confront as she absorbed this information. It’s a lot to experience and I felt she needed some time to catch her breath.

“I think she realizes it’s for naught,” she continued after some time had passed. My client was nevertheless in a thorough hypnotic state. “He’s never going to look at her in a positive way. He hates her now. He’s going to have her killed. She’s screaming, ‘But I love you!’ Her head is cut off. Her daughter is there and sees this and feels nothing. She is empty. My dad is so sad. He locks himself away. He knows if he had not been with this woman, I would nevertheless be alive. He stays in the tower. Alone. Sad. He grows a long beard. He dies. Alone. So sad.”

Learning lessons from Past Life Regressions comes from what is communicated after one leaves or dies in that lifetime. The significance of the relationship is fully understood. I suggested my client keep in her afterlife for this insight.

“She was jealous of me and couldn’t accept her position in my life then, and the same with this life. She was jealous of me and she couldn’t accept my kindness. She wants me to be her mother next time. She was a chamber maid then, but my mother in this life. She is missing that piece – of kindness – gentleness – humanity. I will teach it to her in our next life together.”

When my client opened her eyes, her first words were, “Ugh! I have to do another life with her! Are you kidding me? She killed me!” Unfortunately, if the karma wasn’t balanced in this lifetime and in this case, I am sure it wasn’t, then there will be another chance to balance it in another lifetime together.

Although she wasn’t looking forward to her next encounter with her mother, my client was able to reconcile her feelings towards her mother in this lifetime. There was a sense of relief; a feeling of understanding the mystery that kept her from experiencing happiness.

Touring by past lives offers answers to so many questions we have. It’s a way of getting closure to unexplained and troublesome relationships we experience in our lives today. Past Life Regression Therapy can release past issues and help one find joy and happiness in this one.

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