How to Turn Your Friend Into Your Girlfriend – 3 Friend-To-Girlfriend …

How to Turn Your Friend Into Your Girlfriend – 3 Friend-To-Girlfriend …

Do you have a close female friend that you want to make a move on? Are things too complicated to do that, though? Look, all girls are the same and you need to start seeing your friend just as you do other girls you would hit on. If you can stop thinking about your friendship for a moment and simply treat her like you would any another female, then that would be awesome.

Take notice, though. Do not read on unless you are completely sure you have fallen in love with your friend; otherwise, you might end up with nothing but an bothersome stalker in your midst.

How to Turn Friends into Lovers with Incredibly Effective Strategies

Strategy Number One: Make some changes. If your friend only hangs out with you when she doesn’t have plans with other guys, you need to make some real changes. Stop pampering her by being there whenever she wants to hang out when she’s bored.

If you hardly have any time to hang out with her, you can stop being the insignificant fixture that she has started to see you as by now, in addition.

Strategy Number Two: See what other fish are out there. You don’t have to settle for being a best friend. Take a look around you and see who else is out there. Find other girls that you can take out on dates.

Perhaps seeing you flirting with other girls will cause certain emotions within your girl friend and make her finally start seeing you as a possible boyfriend. Never hesitate when it comes to the world of seduction and put on your best flirting game.

Strategy Number Three: Hypnotize your girl friend. If you want to get your girl friend attached to you on an emotional level as you talk, use hypnosis techniques. With this tool, you can psychologically seduce any girl of your choice by her emotions and make her fall for you in less than 15 minutes.

There is a two-step seduction formula which any guy can use to get enormous results with women. The first step involves getting a woman feel happy by talking to you – this can be achieved by making her remember happy memories. The second step involves making her feel sad – again, by evoking her sad memories.

By doing this, you will be able to make her feel emotionally connected to you – simply by making her talk about her past memories. This will create the illusion that she has gone by a lot with you – already though you have just met her for 15 minutes.

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