How to Select a Termite Protection Company and What to Look For in a T…

How to Select a Termite Protection Company and What to Look For in a T…

A termite infestation is a home owner’s worst nightmare. There is generally no building insurance for termite infestation or restitution. The structural damage that termites can cause is well known with the average being around $9,000 and to say the least, the price for fumigation and current protection can be a burden on the family budget. If there is any up side to a termite infestation, it is that termites work slowly. This fact gives you some time to make an educated decision on what kind of termite protection plan you should buy. Here are several basic points when choosing a termite company and deciding on the best termite protection plan.

• Firstly, never make a hasty decision. You do have time. Thankfully termites work slowly and your house will not collapse over night. Take a little additional time to research as many exterminators in your area. Research salient issues such as price, customer reviews, methods for extermination, and the ability of the company for create a protection plan that fits your specific needs.

• It is important to appreciate that no two exterminator companies are the same in regards to how the companies will manager your infestation problem. Additionally, there are some indications that speak to the reliability of a company. Be cautious of exterminator companies that do not have their number listed in the phone book, quote prices based on the amount of materials used, or claim to have a secret formula. All termiticides (termite chemical insecticide) must be filed and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Ask to see termites-pictures and information on the can of the chemical they intend to use as this should be clearly labeled with information.

• Ensure the company can tailor a program to fit your needs.There are several types of house termites and several different forms of termiticides on the market. For example, termiticides can take powdered forms and liquid forms. There are also green treatments. Also, the manner in which they are applied to kill the termites is important to observe. If your termites are originating from a nest far from your home, a defensive strategy should be employed. The exterminator should create a termiticide obstacle around the nest, effectively cutting off the nest from any access to your home. If the termite nest is in your home, termiticide can be applied directly on the source or fumigation may be necessary. Make sure that the exterminator company has a program that will suit your needs and you are truly comfortable with what is chosen. What will work for you may not work for your neighbor from a strategic and lifestyle point of view.

• So what about the cost? Just as a repair cost can vary from say car mechanic to mechanic, so too can the cost for termite protection service vary. Not only can prices vary for the same treatment, but not all pest managers have all termite elimination methods in their arsenal and may steer you to their familiar territory of what has worked for them in the past. Cheapest is not necessarily best. Ask questions about what the exterminator company intend to do and use and why.

• Size of the company is also worth mentioning. Most National Standards advise having a prevention inspection at the minimum once a year. This method that despite any immediate termite treatments in the event of termite discovery on your character, you are going to have an current relationship with the company, just like your car mechanic. Make sure the chemistry is right. A large company may have more resources on offer but may send different pest managers each time who are not familiar with your specific circumstances. Sure a specialized company writes things down each site visit, but you may need to reinforce specific issues that are important to you such as for example making them aware of favorite outdoor areas of small children and pets. A small company may be a family business dependent on experience and knowledge of one or two Managers. They need your business and may provide a greater level of customer service. Make sure the pest manager has at the minimum two years on site experience with termite prevention and elimination. He/she should also belong to a reputable Pest Association.

• One of the most basic points is a comprehensive, written report. No matter what company is chosen they should take at the minimum an hour to inspect your character carefully. This method attics, basements and grounds should be included. All findings should be sent to you in writing as a report on your character. This information should also include specific termites – pictures and information, any other termite treatments in the area with a good demonstrated understanding of the local area in context of termites, any local termite infestations and level of risk of termite danger.

• Check the Terms of the Contract. Have the exterminator company draft a contract for you to carefully read yourself before commencement. You should compare the terms of each contract you acquire and pick the one that seems the most fair to you. No exterminator company can truly guarantee termites will not infest or re-infest your character, but specific treatment promised needs to be assessed as being satisfactorily completed.

• Lastly, it does not hurt to ask for customer and specialized testimonials. Ask for contact details of at the minimum three customers that the company has assisted in the area and call the specialized association to which the the actual Manager belongs to acquire a view about him and the company.

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