How to retrieve Windows 2000 Files When the SYSTEM Hive Is Corrupt or D…

A hard excursion in a computer system is the most basic device for data storage. With the advancements in technology and with the amount of time and work we dedicate on our systems, the storage capacity of the hard excursion has increased immensely. Along with that, the hard excursion has become more compact making it functional to carry around. Having said that, at times you are unable to start your computer because of hard excursion corruption. Such corruption issues may occur due to various reasons such as corrupt system registry, virus infections, strength outages, faulty hardware elements, etc. In such situations, there are numerous corrective measures that you can try to retrieve files. If nothing works out, then you should use a third-party Partition recovery software to retrieve all the Windows data.

Let us consider a situation in which you are unable to start your Windows 2000 system. The following error message is displayed in this regard:

“Windows 2000 could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:



The most noticeable cause of this startup issue is that the SYSTEM hive of the computer is corrupt or damaged.


To conquer this Windows 2000 startup issue, you would need to restore the SYSTEM registry hive using the Windows 2000 CD. To do this, the following steps are required:

Insert the Windows 2000 CD ROM in the CD-ROM excursion and restart the system.

When the ‘Welcome to Startup’ screen is displayed, press R to repair the Windows installation.

Press C to repair the Windows installation using the Recovery Console.

Rename the system file in the ‘%SystemRoot%System32Config’ folder by using the following commands. Press go into after typing every command:

cd system32

cd config

ren system system.old

Copy the ‘ %SystemRoot%RepairSystem’ file to the ‘%SystemRoot%System32Config’ folder by using following commands. Press go into after typing every command:



cd repair

copy system %systemroot%system32config

Restart the computer.

Your computer should start perfectly after performing these steps. However, if it is not so then you should take the sets of a third-party Partition recovery software. With the help of these read-only data recovery tools, you can retrieve files without causing any damage to the existing files or storage media.

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