How to Playfully Tease a Man & Pull Him Towards You! He Would Be S…

How to Playfully Tease a Man & Pull Him Towards You! He Would Be S…

Men are easily teased. That is a fact, and women are gifted with an innate skill of being a tease. Men like challenges and mystery, so having a woman who is unpredictable will keep them in the game. Of course if you don’t know the game, you certainly can’t play. For some who doesn’t know how to play it, here are some tips to help you. If you however belong to the game, these tips might help you score more points.

Be busy or at the minimum pretend to be busy

It is unattractive for a man to find a woman who is always obtainable for him. He needs to know you have a life and you’re living it well. Appear busy or be really busy. Focus on your work or attend to a hobby. Knowing that you have little time for him will make him want you more.

Bail out on a certain date

Suppose that both of you decided to go on a date, bail out of it and say that you have an emergency meeting. This again will make an impression that you are a busy woman and has little time. The more you are unavailable, the more he will want you.

Do not always respond to texts or calls

If a girl is too eager to respond quickly, she may appear too interested and the guy can play this around if he finds out about it. You may want to keep up the ball and being elusive will guarantee that the ball stays on your side.

Be attractive not only for him but more so for yourself

No man can deny a very attractive woman. Dress up and put on makeup but make sure that you nevertheless look as if you didn’t cause too much effort. Seeing how attractive you are will make him yearn for you more.

Be a master in the flirting department

It’s not too difficult to master, all a girl needs to use are her eyes, smile, and touch. Give a sly smile when you catch him looking at you. You can gently brush his back or arms. Men like eye to eye connection and body contact so shower him with these.

Be desired by the male species

There is nothing a man wants more than someone who also other men want-enough said there.

Let him realize that you’re interested

Of course at the end of it all, show him that among the many fishes, it’s him that you are interested in. This will invoke a guy-already more-to run after you.

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