How to Play Mind Games With a Guy Who Broke Your Heart! Learn How You …

How to Play Mind Games With a Guy Who Broke Your Heart! Learn How You …

For those of us who have had our heartbroken by a guy, know what it is like to want revenge. Maybe we just want to make ourselves feel better after being hurt. Many times we seek ways to get back at the guy that caused us so much pain. Playing mind games is one of the main attempts that women make to get revenge. There are many ways to play mind games with a guy that will leave him feeling the same way he caused you to feel.

Show Him How Happy You Are to be Single
Hide any emotions that could show you are really hurt. Sometimes you have to pretend that what hurts you the most, is not a big deal. When you are around him, pretend as if you could care less that you broke up. This can be difficult, but always remind yourself that you deserve the very best.

Plan a Busy Schedule
Make yourself some new friends, and go out for a good time. Show him that you can have fun without him. Once he notices that you are enjoying your life, it will make him jealous. It will shock him that you are so happy without needing him.

Ask Your Male Friends for Help
Nothing will get a guy more worked up than to have another male brag about how great you are. Ask some of your guy friends to give compliments about you. This will get him uptight, and cause him to surprise what he has lost.

Become Friends with His Friends
Become great friends with the people he hangs out with. Once you get close to his group, they will begin talking about you to him. This will not only make him very jealous, but will also make him regret hurting you.

Ignore Him
Once he begins to realize what he has lost, he may try getting back with you. Though it could be hard to not give in, try to avoid falling into his trap. If he calls, ignore him. Treat him just the way he treated you. Possibly then he will get the hint that he doesn’t deserve you.

Enjoy Yourself without Him
Get out with your friends or family. Have fun and enjoy yourself without needing him. You deserve the best, and seemingly he is not the best for you. Leave him out of your plans, and your business. He does not need to know what you are doing.

Be Happy
This method already if you have to pretend for awhile to be happy. He wants to see you upset, because if he didn’t, he would not have hurt you to begin with. Smile, laugh, and go out with friends. This will push his buttons more then you can imagine.

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