How to Lose Passion For Your Small Business

There are associate of big mistakes small business owners and solo-preneurs make. If you don’t mind let’s get them out in the open straight away.

Mistake One: Assume you can be perfect in everything you do

Mistake Two: Assume that you can do it all by yourself.

Perfectionism is such a problem for some small business owners. The desire to be ‘perfect in everything’ can truly hinder instead of provide business gain. How many times have you binned or quit something because it was just not up to your own ‘no faults allowed’ standards?

Does your own strive for perfection only matter to you?

Of course, we both agree, there is high quality and great service that is healthy and clearly expected in business. Wanting to be a perfectionist however, will only create needless stress for you and run you down (and sadly for many..out).

When you let go of this perfectionism you will not only reduce your stress levels, you will consciously be aware and realise what is priority for your small business and what’s not.

The other problem with being a perfectionist can be issues with delegation. Sure, it is possible to do everything on your own. But why would you? What is the strong to desire to reach burnout? Doing everything alone and getting overwhelmed by the enormous amount of small business responsibilities, jobs and chores can rule to a associate of things:

Resentment and contempt for either:

a) Your business b) Anything that is not your business (that includes family and friends)

So how can you stop this behaviour? Here are a few tips…

1. What takes you forever, make a trade off. Trade your skills knowledge and skill with someone who can use yours.

2. Start a networking group or at the minimum join one, specific to your area of business. Be the first to start this if it’s not already happening. Meet in a pub, café say once a month. proportion information, ideas, offer suggestions and strive to make others part of your business who understand your business.

3. Kick out your ego when it comes to your business. In business you cannot function alone and asking for sustain and help opens new doors and opportunities. The quicker you realise this, the love and passion for your business grows and doesn’t decrease.

You can’t run a business on only your own steam, can you?

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