How to Live Fearlessly in a Fear Filled World

In A Course in Miracles there is a saying that “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.” This brings a tremendous amount of peace to me during challenging times.

The ability to be certain by times of uncertainty method that at all event I am facing, I am certain that the Divine plan for me is being followed. How do we trust that what is happening in the moment is for our highest good? How do we know that we are always OK? How do we trust that if we lose our job or our partner leaves us that we won’t go into despair, to stay there, to fall and not get up? One of my favorite sayings I heard recently is a zen saying “Fall down six times, get up seven.”

Part of my soul’s journey has been to learn to experience peace no matter what I am facing. I want my life to be free of emotional pain. I believe that this is possible. Here are five ways to help you cope with any challenge that you are facing.

Ever feel as though you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? Try this:

1.       Value Every Experience

Understand that there is always a silver lining during negative times and events. Having the awareness that it is not what happens but rather our perception of what is happening that is the root of our experiencing. It is easy to value positive experiences, but how about the negative ones? A so called negative experience could be that door closing before the next one opens. Find the gift in the negative experience. Ask yourself “What have I learned from this?” and you will be on your way to acceptance, trust and peace.

2.       Remember “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened” from A Course in Miracles

This to me is the ultimate in trust. Meditating on this statement can bring relief and peace. What does “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened” average? If it is a job you are losing know that no matter what is “taken away” on the outside, the source of your abundance is on the inside. No matter what you do for work, you can offer gifts of kindness, love and service no matter where you are. Being a mystic method working for the light, for God. This is limitless and has no boundaries. In a love relationship “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.” Real love lasts, it is eternal. Feel the love that is inside of you, connected to God, Source energy and offer love. Remember love is a journey not a destination.

3.       Question False Beliefs

This can take a little work but is very freeing. Begin to notice your thoughts. What are you telling yourself? The thoughts of the ego are subtle and damaging. Are you scaring yourself, telling yourself that you will never win, have love or succeed? Our thoughts are either based on fear or love. Fear thoughts are an illusion because only love is real. Notice your thoughts, question them. Replace fear filled thoughts with positive loving ones. This will bring a sense of calm and peace.

4.       Understand Self-Sabotage Happens and Can Be Cleared

In my soul’s journey I have worked on clearing my subconscious beliefs. Wherever you go, there you are. I believe that our past life experiences are in our subconscious and without meaning to, we can be creating the same negative experiences over and over. This is because we are meant to heal these false beliefs. Know that there is help and that these beliefs can be cleared at the root. You can experience happiness, abundance and freedom in your life.

5.       Be Patient, Kind, Gentle and Forgiving With Yourself

Living fearlessly can be the ultimate in living a joy filled life. It is transcending the world. Make everyday an adventure in being kind to yourself. If you notice that you are “beating yourself up”, forgive yourself. Tell yourself that you are doing the best you can, let yourself off the hook. Treating ourselves in this way helps us to be able to treat others in this way, bringing Heaven on Earth.

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