How to Increase Your Chances of Being Interviewed

To increase the chances of you landing yourself into an interview, your begin again is the basic component. Your begin again will be the first thing that an interviewer used to estimate you. So here’s a few powerful tips to help you to write a begin again that lands your into interviews:

1. What kind of job are you seeking

Write down a list of job that you’re seeking first. Different jobs have different job requirements and skill sets. So the first and foremost task is to list down 2-5 different jobs before you write your begin again.

2. Understand the job requirement

List down the kind of job requirements and skill sets. This will set the tone and overall content when you’re writing your resumes. The requirements should be both technical or specialized skills, and the soft skills that is require to translate your technical knowledge into functional actions.

Technical requirement are like software requirements (MS Office, AutoCad, SAP, etc.), specific engineering processes, SAP payroll, HR compensation and benefits, programming language (C#, C++, Java) etc. These requirements are basic for a staff to perform his/her role that is stated to him/her.

Softskills are like project management, leadership, Research & Development, etc. These skills are the main skills that translate your technical skills into actions and results.

3. Writing your begin again according to the specific job requirements

When writing your begin again, stay focus on the job requirements and phrase your sentences based on the keywords that have been generated earlier (see item 2).

for example, if you’re writing a begin again for the position of Software Developer, the job requirement should be on the types of programming language you’re familiar with, and the past programs that you’ve written. This position are more technical and you should consequently put in more technical jargons.

But if you’re seeking a Software Project Manager role, then you should press more on project management skills, with just the basic technical jargons in place.

4. Rephrazing your working experiences

As per item 3, rephraze your working experience to show more of the required skill sets, both techncal and softskills. If you think a particular experiences may not be that applicable, but you nevertheless want to put it it, make sure it is acting as a supporting role, so summarizing it will be fine.

Always list it according to chronological orders with the latest experiences at the top. Usually recruiters only look at your last 5 years of working experiences, so make sure it’s written with a lot of applicable keywords to capture their attention.

5. Writing your summary

The summary inside a begin again should be placed at the start of the document, but it’s best that you write it last after you’ve written all the above mentioned items.

The Summary is like a teaser, to attract the recruiter to continue to read on. It shouldn’t be more than half a page. Inside the summary, fill it up with as many keywords as you can. This encourages them to read on to find out more.

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