How to Hire a DUI Attorney in Connecticut

How to Hire a DUI Attorney in Connecticut

Many people charged with DUI want to know what a DUI attorney can do for them. It’s a very direct question, which some attorneys have a hard time answering. It’s a good question because it is so direct and to the point. The person would like to hire an attorney and wants to know how the attorney can help. The possible client wants to know if the attorney has magical skills to make their case disappear. They want someone to guide them by the time of action, to be there for them, to reassure them, explain the tortured procedures and be their rock throughout this DUI ordeal. They want an attorney who can feel their pain and anxiety.

So, how do you hire a DUI attorney in Connecticut?

Get the names of the attorneys practicing DUI law only. Some criminal attorneys also have large DUI practices. There are not many of them. Ask friends, family and other associates if they know any of them and garner their opinions. Do some homework. Go on the web for DUI attorneys in your area. Many of these attorneys advertise in many ways.

Some attorneys claim to have a heavy emphasis of DUI situations. What does that average? What is the attorney’s DUI caseload like? Is he busy? Does he manager 200 or more DUI situations a year? How many DMV situations does he manager? Being a busy practitioner insures familiarity with the time of action and a greater knowledge of the law. If he’s busy, that method clients think highly of his skill. It’s like anything else, the more you do, the more you learn and the more varied the situations usually are. All of this translates into “knowledge” in the area of DUI law. The more the attorney knows, the better off you are!

Make an appointment with the DUI attorney. They usually offer a free initial consultation. Feel the attorney out. Ask yourself “Do I feel comfortable with the attorney?” Ask him if he is trained in the operation of a breath test machine and certified with regard to the Standard Field Sobriety Tests.

You need to know what the attorney charges. Is it a flat fee or does he charge by the hour? You want the fixed, flat fee. It makes sense. If expert witnesses are needed, who pays for them? Is the cost of a trial additional? How much additional? Ask yourself if you can provide this guy? Understand that fees for a DUI specialist are high, but those fees pale in comparison to what it could cost if you hire someone that’s inexperienced. Fees are high for a reason and you should ask what those reasons are. Does the DUI lawyer offer a payment plan?

You may ask “Why do you need a DUI lawyer at all?” The answer is there are many things a conviction affects such as your job, various licenses, i.e. securities licenses, nursing license, license to practice law, commercial driver’s license, a medical license and life in general. Also, the penalties are different if you are under 21 or under 18. Abe Lincoln said it best that “A person who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Remember, you will have a corresponding DMV case and only the DUI attorney will know how to practice in this maze of confusion.

You should look for an attorney who will fight to protect your rights. Walk out of the office of any attorney that tells you to just plead guilty or apply for the program that gets the case dismissed. You are not in his office to have him tell you what you can do for yourself. Doing nothing gets you nothing and it oftentimes lands you in jail along with a license suspension and higher insurance rates.

already if you find a good attorney, there are no guarantees. However, a good Connecticut DWI attorney should potential to represent you to the best of his ability and do everything he can to minimize fines and stop you from going to jail or losing your license.

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