How to Cut the Costs of Termite Removal

How to Cut the Costs of Termite Removal

Talking about termite removal can give some people a very uncomfortable feeling. Not only can termite problems be extremely expensive, that they can make you feel like your space has been invaded. Termites are a nasty problem to have, and treating them can be an expensive proposition depending upon the amount of damage they’ve caused so far.

Termite removal can be make up of consistently a associate of different methods. The first and most shared method is using insecticide. These pest control companies will use special rods to inject insecticide under and around the foundation of the home. The cost of this treatment varies greatly depending upon the area of the country and the amount of space that needs to be treated.

Some pest control companies also use a special kind of baiting system where plastic canisters are placed around the house to attract termites. Each canister is filled using something to lure in the termites, such as paper. The substance inside the canister is treated with a long acting insecticide. Once the termite eats it and carries it back to the nest, the other termites will also satisfy on the insecticide coated substance. This way, the insecticide kills off the whole colony instead of just the termites that went into the canister.

Preventing termites in the first place is very important. You can do this by hiring a pest control company under a termite bond to come out once per year and inspect your home. Most companies offer two different kinds of bonds. One is called a re-treatment bond which is simply where they will retreat the home if active termites are found. The other is called a re-treatment and repair bond meaning that they will retreat and repair any damage caused by the termites.

You can also do things around your house to make sure that you prevent termites as best as possible. for example, never stack fire wood anywhere near your home because termites can easily move from the firewood to the home and begin eating. Also make sure there is at the minimum 6 inches between any wood on your home and the ground. The last thing you want to do is give termites easy access to your largest investment. These steps will help you avoid termite removal in the future.

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