How to Become the Alpha Male That Every Girl Wants

You’ve no doubt noticed that women are drawn to certain types of men, while everyone else is just stuck on the sidelines. Have you ever wondered just what that is? Do these ladies’ men have some kind of secret they aren’t sharing?

Much as you might think it is, the reality is that becoming a real stud has nothing to do with how good looking you are or how much cash you have. truly, guys who make women like putty in their hands have special tactics that make them impossible to resist. Keep reading and you’ll know those secrets in addition…

Three Top Secret Mantras of Top Pickup Artists

Mantra #1: “I Can Give You a Better Life.” This one is all about confidence – you need to psych yourself up and truly think that you are a great catch for any girl. When you have this level of confidence, then you won’t be that chump who stumbles over himself when talking to girls. Women are drawn to confident men – so start here, and the rest will follow.

Mantra #2: “I Can Leave Whenever I Want.” Real pickup artists won’t think twice about turning their back on the hottest girl if that girl wants him to do something that would compromise their integrity. The best thing is that women respond to that – when a guy is willing to bail at a moment’s notice, a girl will work harder to keep him around.

Mantra #3: “I Will Go The Distance.” True masters of seduction aren’t held back by anything in their quest to attract women. They’ll already use a kind of hypnosis, called “fractionation,” to get women to feel deeply connected to them. You could have a woman ready to leave the club with you in 15 minutes or less. It’s amazing!

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