Haunted Hospitals in Massachusettes

Haunted Hospitals in Massachusettes

Plymouth County Hospital/Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital is located in Hanson Massachusetts. The hospital was built during the late 1910’s, chiefly as a Tuberculosis hospital. The facility was operational from 1923 until it closed its doors for good in 1991.

In 1982, the hospital officially became the Cranberry Specialty Hospital and received people who were terminal ill. In 1991, the last remaining patients were transferred to a different location. The Spanish-style architecture of the Plymouth County Hospital is much different then most of the New England hospitals, which is a look that makes it very rare. The Spanish-style design gives it an almost threatening turn up.

The sprawling 56-acre character was sold from Plymouth County to the town of Hanson in 1999. In 2001, 23 of the 56 acres were sold to Baran Partners who planned to build townhouses and an assisted-living facility, but those plans never came by.

Many people that have visited the hospital believe that it is indeed haunted. Strange noises, eerie screams, and whispers have all been heard both inside and outside of the building. Laughter and music playing are also sounds that are commonly heard. A general feeling of being watched or not being alone when going near the building is also something that is commonly reported.

presumably, during a paranormal investigation of the character strange EMF readings were picked up already though there is no electricity in the building. Reports of equipment, such as video cameras, failing or shutting off is also quite shared. Orbs captured in pictures have also been proven. Whether visitors experience strange occurrence or not one thing is for certain and that is that everyone who visits agrees that the place has a very eerie feeling to it.

Haunted or not, one thing is for certain and that is that the general over all feeling after visiting or seeing pictures of the hospital is that it is indeed one creepy place. Given the hospital’s history and strange Spanish-style design, it is hard not to feel that way about the place.

Sadly, fire destroyed the North wing of the building in 2004. A second fire happened a year and a half after the first and was found to be arson. In addition to the fires, the hospital has also been victim to much vandalism over the years. As a consequence, the grounds are patrolled heavily, by the Hanson Police Department. Trespassing on the character is against the law.

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