Habitual Traffic Offenders Can Get A Hardship License

Habitual Traffic Offenders Can Get A Hardship License

The information habitual almost always has a negative connotation. Habitual offender is no exception. Florida estimates that 23,000 drivers will get their drivers license suspended in 2007 because they are habitual offenders.

In most situations these drivers can apply for a hardship license that allows them to excursion to and from work until they fully redeem themselves with the DMV.

To be labeled a habitual offender you have to work at it. The most shared path is too many traffic tickets, multiple convictions of serious offenses (related to driving), or being ordered by the court.

15 Traffic Convictions

If a Florida driver gets 15 traffic convictions with points in 5 years they can be dubbed a Habitual Traffic Offender and get their drivers license suspended. That’s a lot of tickets.

observe that you can avoid convictions of many types of traffic violations in Florida by taking electing to take a traffic school course. So to get 15 convictions you have to not only be driving with reckless abandonment but you have be ignoring the easy way to avoid convictions.

3 Serious Offenses

Serious traffic offenses include such things as driving with a suspended license. And the most shared reason this occurs is that drivers neglect to pay a traffic ticket. You get a ticket don’t throw it in the glove compartment and forget it.

A few months later you get a letter from the DMV suggesting that your drivers license has been suspended. If you don’t receive that letter for some reason and get caught driving you are now guilty of driving with a suspended license.

Other traffic offenses considered serious are not stopping at an accident with injuries and committing a felony while driving. observe that hard ship licenses are not issued to drivers convicted of a DUI.

Getting a Hardship License

If you find yourself in any of these situations you have a few options. In many situations, Florida will give you a hardship drivers license that allows you to excursion to and from work. To get a hardship license you will need to register and complete a 12 hour progressive Driver Improvement (ADI) course.

Registering for an ADI traffic school course is all that is needed to get a hardship license in most situations. And the ADI course can be completed online. Upon registration most traffic schools will provide you with proof of registration that you must supply to the clerk of court to apply for a hardship license.

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