God Has Got Great Plans for You

“For I know the plans for you, they are plans for good, not for evil to give you a future and a hope”-Jeremiah 29:11

i was enormously blessed when I read this verse the other day. You need to understand the context of the words of Jeremiah. Many a times we lose hope in life. We do not know where we are going and hence ask questions. We make plans on investment, raising children, going back to school….but we are weighed down by feelings of hopelessness and despair for we do not know where to start. We consequently stop and ask if there is indeed any hope.

This verse is a stark reminder that God has not forgotten about you; in fact he is ready to help you. He says He ‘knows’ your plans. How did get to know? Well, before you already contemplate doing something, He has already seen your intention; if you have good intention, He will help you to succeed. Many Christians unprotected to a lot but proclaim their own effort in their success. They fail to recognize God’s hand in their success.

God has good plans. He wants you to succeed. The plans are good. What are the examples of good things are we talking about here? Acquiring a good house in a nice neighborhood, getting a mortgage to pay for your house, beautiful kids, good friends, a loving and caring spouse…the list is long. The devil is God’s antagonist. He would not want you to succeed in any of your plans. He would want you to fail miserably. He consequently brings hopelessness and despair. You lose focus and what do we hear next? Depression, suicide and misery.

God’s plans are for future; they are not permanent. We are reminded this in the story of Joshua when he was in the battlefield. He asked for God’s help. God had promised Him victory. As the war intensified, the sun did not set until Joshua and his soldiers proclaimed victory. Joshua proclaimed God’s hand in his victory and so he said: “As for me and my family we shall only serve God”- Joshua 24:15. Successful people or people who rule fulfilling lives have long known the secret to happiness emanates from having a cordial relationship with God. They seek divine intervention in their very undertaking. God plans success for them; they don’t know the meaning of failure.

A popular gospel musician in my country sings in a local dialect and says:”Aya mahana/mwathani wao/ aya matioi kuhotwo ni ta ki”. In translation it says that these people (those who know Christ) are just like Him, they do not know failure. God has fantastic plans in your life. He does not see failure in you: He sees a successful you. Today, I ask you to become a part of God’s plans in the wider scheme of things. Christ’s promises are true and reliable. He is not like man, who plans today and dies s tomorrow; man will plan what he can’t accomplish but God is omnipotent. He is able to see by your problems and help you. Nothing is insurmountable to Him.

What is troubling your soul? Are you weighed down by your sins? If you give your life to Christ, He will take your problems as His own and give you rest. It is not as difficult as we see it. You should not feel as though you are giving too much of yourself. With God, everything is possible and what God can do, no man can do.

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