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I’m going to give you everything that you need to build your list. Let’s take a look at each of the free tools you’ll receive…



specialized rule Magnets


As you know, a free gift provokes the Law of Reciprocation, but that’s not all it does. It provides value. And in exchange for that value, a person is very happy to give you their email address. Your free gift is know as a rule magnet. It attract subscribers (leads) to your list.


What’s the perfect rule Magnet?


An ebook is the perfect rule Magnet because…

It’s an electronic file, so you can duplicate it for free
It can be downloaded closest (which satisfies your customers psychological need for moment gratification and greed)
The subject of the ebook discloses your customers interests (so you know which products they’ll buy!)

I’m going to give you dozens of ebooks completely free. Below is a sample of the ebooks you’ll receive.

All of these books (and many more just like them) are yours for free. They will help you to build lots of targeted email lists, which, in turn, will make you lots of money.

You might also like to read some of the books. There are plenty of books about internet marketing that will really help you to grow your business. Think of each book that you read as an additional little bonus 😉

If you were to create these books yourself, you’d have to pay at the minimum $100 to have each one written and another $50 for a graphic artist to create each specialized cover image.

You’d also have to wait for several months before they’re ready to build you list.

I am giving dozens of books today. They…

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