Fleas Be Gone!

When getting rid of fleas, it is important not just to remove them from the pets’ bodies, but to obliterate them from the house. Fleas copy quickly and problems with infestation can recur if not preempted, so it is best when treating them to also do something that will prevent them from coming back.

Although using commercial flea sprays can often do the job, it not safe to expose one’s pet to the spray’s synthetic chemicals all the time. A flea bath once in a while is permissible, but preventive spraying of flea chemicals in the house can be hazardous to the health not only of the pet but of its owners.

Fortunately, a cheap, effective home treatment is obtainable. Dissolving a small bar of detergent in a bucket of water can kill fleas and their eggs when used to clean the pets’ surrounding. It is not advisable to use this on the pet’s body itself as a bath soap, but it is perfectly safe for cleaning the walls, floor boards, and beddings that one’s pet comes in contact with.

Spray the combination on fractures in the walls and floors, as fleas often leave their eggs on this kind of places. The best thing about this solution is that detergent is commonly used in the house to wash clothes and dishes, and has been proven perfectly safe for people, already children. Incidentally, using detergent to clean the house can also solve problems with mites, another shared pet parasite. Take observe that it is more effective to allow the detergent-water combination to dry on the floors and walls than to wash it out with water.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping can also be very helpful to get rid of fleas and prevent them coming back. Fleas, like most parasites, thrive in dirty, unkempt places. A clean surrounding can greatly lessen the problem. If one wishes to go a step further, it would be wise to repaint chipped walls and cracked places. The best home treatment is to make one’s home a habitable place for humans and pet alike.

Fleas can become really bothersome, in addition as dangerous if allowed to prosper, to both animals and humans. But getting rid of fleas the safe and cheaper way is easy. Using detergent as a home treatment is the most popular and effective way to get rid of those little buggers that make life miserable for our beloved pets.

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