Five Free Call Tips to Know

Five Free Call Tips to Know

Communication nowadays takes up more time than ever before. But it doesn’t have to cost lots of money too.

Here are 5 tips for making free calls, or at the minimum spending less than usual:

1. Using the VoIP sets obtainable for any computer and most mobile phones. All that one needs in order to use VoIP to make free calls is a computer, speaker and a microphone, and VoIP applies to both local and international free calls. You can also use it from a mobile if you have a plan with an Internet access. The feeling of talking over the phone is the same: the only difference is that the signal is transmitted over the Internet and, most importantly, its very cheap or costs nothing at all. The efficiency of the system lies in the fact that its widely obtainable and, once you’ve got it, it operates on the basis of sets you already pay for anyway – a mobile phone or landline and Internet access.

2. Another useful tip for making free international calls from mobile is to buy a new SIM card in the respective foreign country you go to. Often these cards come with some pre-paid minutes for roaming, and in any case they prove to be cheaper.

3. The next tip for making free international calls from mobile is to sign a new contract with your local mobile operator. The benefits of a new contract can consequence in various promotional packages to be taken advantage of. Chances are good that some of these promotional features will include making free international calls from your mobile, or at the minimum free calls in your local area.

4. Tip number four is, when you can, make sure to receive calls instead of truly placing them. Most roaming plans function on the rule that the person who is oversea pays less for the calls he/she receives.

5. Finally, a useful reminder: make sure you have switched-off the voicemail option on your mobile phone, as most operators usually charge you when someone leaves you a message while you are oversea. If possible, try communicating by text messages or email instead of actual calls, as these are cheaper methods of communication that are often just as effective.

While it may seem like shared sense, adhering to these simple tips will have you making free phone calls and saving money on your phone bills in no time at all.

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