Family Entertainment Centers Make Kids’ Birthdays Effortless

Family Entertainment Centers Make Kids’ Birthdays Effortless

When it comes to throwing kids’ birthday parties, parents can save themselves a whole lot of time, trouble, and expense by hosting the party at a family entertainment center. This might average booking the party room at a movie theater, bowling alley, skating rink, or sports center or reserving a table at a kid-friendly venue like Chuck E Cheese’s. Depending on what’s obtainable locally, parents might already be able to make arrangements to keep up a party at a children’s museum, aquarium, zoo, or city park.

While the sky’s the limit for a determined parent in terms of party location, the best locations are those that offer complete-service party planning and coordination. For example, family entertainment centers that really court birthday party business will offer to manager everything from decoration to table ware to food, entertainment, and cleanup.

The three biggest reasons parents prefer to great number their kids’ parties at an outside venue are:


By far the number one reason that parents love using family entertainment centers for birthday parties is convenience. Especially in families where both parents work, it can be very difficult to find time to shop for all the party supplies, send invitations, book the entertainment, kid-proof and decorate the house, etc. When they invest in the assistance of a family entertainment center, however, parents can complete virtually every step with a simple phone call to the venue. Once the date and time are set and a few questions about food and other details answered, all parents have to do is buy the kid a present and show up at the venue.


Just think of all the party supplies needed to pull off an awesome birthday party: balloons, streamers, and other decorations; cups, plates, silverware, napkins, and tablecloths; goodie bags and party favors; cake and snacks… the list could go on! To make matters worse, all these items must be coordinated to the party theme. Buying everything separately can quickly become very expensive. However, when parents allow a family entertainment center to provide all these supplies, meaningful savings may be had. That’s because family entertainment centers buy their supplies in bulk at a discounted rate, and they can pass that savings along to parents. Family entertainment centers also offer built-in entertainment, further reducing the cost of the party to parents.


Cleaning up after a children’s birthday party can be a real pain, especially if very young children are involved. Kids don’t average to make messes, but at a certain age it just seems to be in their character. If parents great number the party outside the home, they can avoid the annoyance of potentially spending hours trying to scrape chocolate frosting off the wall or scrubbing pizza sauce out of the carpet. Family entertainment centers offer kid-friendly spaces that are easy for staff to clean, so parents don’t have to worry about cleaning up every spill closest. Instead, they can leave it to the venue staff.

With so many benefits to hosting kids’ birthday parties outside the home, it’s amazing more businesses aren’t hopping on the bandwagon and offering kid-friendly spaces!

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