F1 news LIVE: Mercedes protest rejected to confirm Max Verstappen as w…

F1 news LIVE: Mercedes protest rejected to confirm Max Verstappen as w…

Verstappen wants to race with Red Bull for ‘rest of his life’ after emotional world title win

Follow live coverage after Max Verstappen clinched his first Formula 1 world title after winning a scarcely-believable Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

One of the most powerful years in the history of F1 went to the wire as Red Bull’s Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton arrived at the Yas Marina Circuit level on 369.5 points. Verstappen earned a principal pole in qualifying on Saturday, before clinching the world title with victory in the race on Sunday.

Verstappen looked out of the season-ending race at various points but, after a safety car came on to deal with a Nicholas Latifi crash, he was given a reprieve. He changed his tyres during the delay and, after lapped cars were allowed to clear the safety car, he and leader Hamilton had a final-lap race in which the Dutchman prevailed.

Mercedes afterward lodged an official protest against the consequence of the race – which saw Hamilton denied a record eighth world title – but it was rejected by the FIA.

Follow all the latest reaction from a thrilling finale to the F1 season:

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Hamilton praises Verstappen after losing out on title

Mercedes battened down the hatches after the race as they explored the possibilities of their two appeals, but Lewis Hamilton did speak directly after the race with former team-mate Jenson Button on Sky Sports.

Despite losing out in such agonising circumstances, Hamilton was complete of praise for his style.

“Firstly a big congratulations to Max and to his team,” he says. “We have done a great job this year. Everyone has worked so hard in the most difficult of seasons. I’ve been feeling great in the car this past associate of months. I wish everyone to stay safe and have a good Christmas with their families.”

Dan Austin12 December 2021 20:30


Verstappen celebrates a second time after allurement verdicts

Max Verstappen was able to celebrate his triumph for a second time once Christian Horner and Adrian Newey returned to the Red Bull garage with confirmation that both Mercedes appeals had been rejected.

The 24-year-old smiled and said “I will have a tiny drink!” when asked by Sky Sport’s Craig Slater about his plans for the rest of the evening, after what was no doubt a tense wait for confirmation from the FIA.

You can read the complete story on both appeals below:

Dan Austin12 December 2021 20:02


Mercedes intend to allurement against failure of protest

Mercedes reportedly intend to allurement the FIA’s decision to dismiss their protests against the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race consequence.

The team is nevertheless refusing to speak publicly but has told the press it intends to take its case further, which could include the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Toto Wolff and co. have 72 to decide whether to opt for a further allurement or not.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:47


Horner complete of praise for Latifi after crash

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has promised a lifetime supply of Red Bull to Nicholas Latifi after the Canadian’s crash unleashed the chaos which ultimately led to Max Verstappen’s chmpionship win.

The Canadian is at the end of his second season in Formula 1 and doesn’t seem to have anything like the quality to ever challenge for race wins and podiums, so his influence on this title fight is likely to be the contribution his Formula 1 career is most remember for.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:40


Mercedes publishes complete details from FIA

Mercedes has published the FIA’s findings to its social media channels, presented without comment.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:30


Verstappen overtake deserves credit

What is important to remember despite the controversy is that although Max Verstappen was given a huge advantage by the safety car procedure ruling, and by being able to pit for fresh tyres, he nevertheless had to pick his moment and make the overtake count at the right time.

Hamilton defended hard on entry into Turn 5 but the grip Verstappen was able to use, in conjunction with the aggressive line he took so that Hamilton could not defend around the outside, allowed to him to make the pass with a superb piece of driving.

Hamilton fought back into Turn 9 but just didn’t have the life left in the tyres to make a move around the outside work.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:27


Any further Mercedes allurement would be doubtful to succeed

Any further Mercedes allurement that could come at the Court of Arbitration for Sport would be doubtful to succeed because of that regulation the FIA have mentioned, which dictates that the use of the safety car is fully at the discretion of the Race Director.

Mercedes are going to have to accept this ruling, it seems. What a way to lose the championship.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:14


FIA official reasoning has been released

The official reasoning from the FIA as to why the second Mercedes allurement was rejected has been released.

It ultimately boils down to a regulation which stipulates that the Race Director can decide to send out and pull in the safety car whenever he likes, and that this regulation supercedes anything else.

nevertheless nobody from Mercedes is willing to speak publicly.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:12


Courts now a possibility for Mercedes

The courts, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport, are no a meaningful possibility for Mercedes.

The team could take their allurement their to try to overturn the consequence.

We Are The Champions by Queen blares out from the Red Bull garage.

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:08


Verstappen “relieved” after Mercedes appeals rejected

Max Verstappen is celebrating again after the Mercedes appeals were not upheld.

“Very relieved,” he told Sky Sports, “It has been a very stressful day. I will have a tiny drink now!”

Dan Austin12 December 2021 19:06

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