EZ Wood Project Designer

Compwhlon 5-star rating
Everyone said it would be great and it is. Very concise and lots of pictures. Great information packed little book for those just getting some projects started.


Swtrader 5-star rating
I wish I had this about 35 years ago. Andy does a real nice job of putting a lot of needed info — that many of us taught ourselves over years of doing and watching others — into a very concise package. The pages on pocket screw joinery are very helpful — particularly if you have never used pocket screws before. Very simple book on what can be a very complicate subject.


Paden C. 5-star rating
I’ve been wanting to make some pieces that just fit my space. I’m a little familiar with woodworking but not confident enough to jump into a project. This book gives good definitions and instructions.


Nickion 5-star rating
I love how this book starts with the simple steps to build a box, and then shows how to build furniture with the box structure like an entry-way table or bookshelf, etc.


Donald Nawrockion 5-star rating
This is a Great reference book for anyone interested in the basics of woodworking with minimal tools. Simple easy to understand presentation for wood working projects.


Stephen P. Percocoon4-star rating
This book does not tell you how to make a Chippendale breakfront, but it does provide very useful tips and timesavers for the novice woodworker (like me). A functional guide for those who use 2X4s to build shelves and workbenches.


Quiviranon5-star rating
This book cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste your time. A great place to start.

KT5-star rating
Great Book. Simple and easy to understand. Very informative and straightforward I would definitely recommend for the beginner. If you are new working with wood….Get it!


FO Music Lover 5-star rating
My Dad and his Dad were carpenters – however – their skills were not passed on to me – in other words, I was ‘not’ born with their carpenter skills. So I purchased the book not really knowing what I was really paying for!

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