Economizing on Electricity – An Effective Way of Living Green

Economizing on Electricity – An Effective Way of Living Green

Part of today’s basic commodity is electricity. With the technological advancements in our society, it has taken its position as one of the necessary method of survival. Unless you are leaving in far away places, you will most likely rely on electricity to go on with daily life. Except that you have to pay for consumption, we could have considered electricity as a helpful method in doing most of our responsibilities.

Because there is nothing free nowadays, economizing is one of the most functional ways of contributing to earth’s preservation at the same time, increasing profitability opportunities. Most of us wanted to save on electric consumption but few know the reasons on how to effectively save on electric bill. Just recently, Peco Energy Co’s rate ended. An increase of 5% has been approved by the Public Utility Commission. In effect, competitors swarmed in to offer better options to consumers. Before deciding shifting to another electricity provider, here are some ways to start economizing.

To heat up during a cold winter night, instead of turning up the heater’s thermostat in complete, turn it down after putting on your sweater and thick blanket. Make sure that there are no opened windows that cold wind can get into. Need hot water? To make your heating stove more efficient, make sure to install insulators around your pipes. It should be easy to understand how conduction works. Cold water gets hot longer than insulated water. Another way of saving on heat is by cooking. Remember to put on the lid of the cooking pot before setting the fire. Less space creates more heat hence shorter time to create heat. You can also save some heat by choosing lean meats that are easier to get cooked than red meats. Not only that it will be healthy for your pocket, but it can also save you some fats. You may also want to consider eating raw foods. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest kind of food that can be eaten raw.

however, to save on cooling appliances, you may have to eliminate one fridge leaving just one plugged in. There are some of us who has more than two refrigerators. This is winter anyway so there is less necessity for cold stuff. Refrigerators are one of the most expensive in terms of electricity consumption. They are designed to create artificial coldness which requires additional energy to do. Make sure to inspect the functionalities of your fridge to make sure that it operates more efficiently. Other options in keeping food and beverages cold is by using ice chest. This applies during summer time when you have to go back and forth to get stuff from the fridge.

Cleaning problems? Electric appliances are not the only solution. Despite the new trend of automation to do more work simultaneously, consider doing some things manually like drying the plates.

The most shared energy users are lights. While you are saving on lights usage by turning them off when not using them, consider replacing them with light bulbs that are low in wattage. You can also use LED lights that are known to be more economical.

There are a lot of reasons why you have to save on electricity. For the most part, when you save on electricity, you are extending the life of mother earth in addition as your budget.

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