Economic Crisis & Financial Climate Strategy For the General Publi…

Economic Crisis & Financial Climate Strategy For the General Publi…

The current “Global Economic Crisis” is sadly but truly a deliberate tactic of the “American Based” and “U.S Administration Sanctioned” *Global Corporatocracy*. Each and every “Recession” and ultimately it’s consequent Big Brother, the “Depression”, is an intentional outcome that stems from the three most instrumentally influential organisations on the planet since 1913.

These three organisations are as follows:

– The Multinational organisations that comprise the “Global Corporatocracy”.
– The “U.S Administration”, and the “U.S Federal save Bank”.
– The “Global Corporatocracy” is the most influential of the three, and commands the latter two like a puppeteer manipulates the strings of it’s puppet/s.

So the chain of command is deliberated like this:

The “Global Corporatocracy” control each “U.S President” by way of “Monetary Control” and usher him into strength. They then command the President to request that the “U.S Federal save Bank” create say 2 trillion dollars. This transaction is of course undertaken electronically, which is afterward why the “C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency)” don’t like “Computer Hackers”.

The “U.S Administration” then exchange “Government Treasury Notes” for this newly produced capitol that it has requested from “The Federal save Bank”. Again such a transaction is conducted via “Electronic Transaction”. This “Money” is then distributed by the “Merchant Banking System” or “Major Financial Institutions” as “New Loans”. Where do they get this “New Money” I surprise? Well the obvious answer to that basic and simple question is – The “U.S Federal save Bank” creates it out of “Thin Air”.

How does it go by the respective “Financial Institutions” and ultimately find it’s way to “YOU”? We will find out in my next article exposing the “Truth” of the System that we all revolve and devolve around. The System that forces us to rely on an “Oil Based Economy” that is controlled by the one System that truly in reality, cripples us all to varying degrees determined by how depend on it.

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