EasyJoin Responsive Signup and Login Form jQuery

EasyJoin Responsive Signup and Login Form jQuery



EasyJoin form pack includes one signup and signin Jquery form with client-based error validation and customized CSS3 error tooltips. The forms have responsive design appropriate for mobile devices and are easily customizable for any purposes and needs.



  • Cross-browser sustain (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+).
  • Responsive design compatible with mobile devices.
  • moment Javascript validation.
  • Fully customizable CSS error tooltips.
  • Includes complete documentation and characterize explanation.
  • Source code is validated by W3C  HTML and CSS validators.
  • Easy to setup and integrate



  • Included two libraries jQuery 1.11.1 and jQuery UI 1.11.1 with complete source code.
  • Included one custom script .js file.
  • Included two .png files, one provided by GNU Lesser General Public License and the   other  by Creative Commons (character 3.0 Unported). Proprietory usage is allowed for both items (see help.txt file for details).
  • Included one webfont — Open Sans Webfont provided by Apache License 2.0. (proprietory usage is allowed).




  • To use the forms you just need to put them into your site’s folder and link them to your main page or any other page you like.
  • Signin and signup forms are connected, so any user may go to signup page by simply clicking signup link on login page, or go to signin by clicking signin link on registration page.
  • For further details, please, consult assets/help.txt file.

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