Easy Termite Extermination Methods

Termites are small insects but they can cause damage to an complete household. No one wants to wake up one morning and find that he or she has termites in the home. But once they have infested your home, then there is no option but to find an easy way to exterminate these dangerous insects. It is better to deal with them early before they cause serious damage to your wooden furniture.

• Using Chemicals

Chemicals can be used to effectively treat the area infested. A tarpaulin is put on the item where the chemical goes by the area infested by method of gas. Using chemicals will help destroy the termites that are seen and those that are not visible. Some may be inside a structure where eyes can not see. When using chemicals remember to remove pets and plants away from the structure and avoid contamination which may bring side effects to them. The item treated should be kept away from pets and animals for at the minimum 3 days. After this treatment, remember to air the structure before using it again. The only disadvantage with using this method is that it does not assure non-recurrence of the termites in future as it deals with the present termites only.

• Using Heat

It is known that termites do not like heat and a certain degree of high temperatures will automatically kill them. By heating the infected to a temperature of between 140 degrees Celsius and 150 degrees Celsius and sustaining it for about 30 minutes the termites within it will all die. The structure must be vacated for a few hours. Anything that is addicted by high heat such as plastics, plants and animals should be removed during the heat treatment course of action to avoid destruction. This method is very effective but will also deal with the present termites and not any future infestation. This method that it will require repeats every time termites are seen.

• Using Insecticides

In the case, the insecticide which may be in liquid or powder form is applied directly to the affected areas and termites die every time they come into contact with it. This method offers long term effects and will be able to deal with any termites trying to infest in the future. Spraying the termites directly will also help to exterminate them. It is a comparatively easy and quick method used to kill the termites. When using these insecticides, it is advisable to vacate the place and keep it locked for sometime in order to get the best results. Remember to air it well before you begin again its sets. Avoid any contamination whatsoever when using chemicals and insecticides.

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