Easy Bicycle Repair Course With 200 Videos and Bike Repair Manuals

Easy Bicycle Repair Course With 200 Videos and Bike Repair Manuals

Attention All Bike Enthusiasts!

From: The Desk of Dave Delgado
specialized Bike Designer & Owner of DIYBikeRepair

Lets confront it… repairing or maintaining your bicycle is a hassle and oftentimes, daunting. already worst are bike shops that charge you an arm and a leg for basic repairs!

Imagine being able to fix,continue and upgrade your bikes easily and in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive workshop fees?

Now you can.. and you can do it from home, in weeks not years without wasting money, time and effort on pricey repair fees!

My name is Dave Delgado and I’ve been riding and fixing bikes professionally for almost 20 years. 

The truth is, I often see new bicycle owners get confused and frazzled with their bikes.

What’s more, many are unsure how to properly continue and upkeep them, let alone repair their own bikes!

So here’s what I realized: Wouldn’t it be great if there is a complete jam-packed INTENSIVE course that teaches students the basics to progressive techniques of bike repair and maintenance…from home?

See, I have looked at just about every bike repair & maintenance material out there. I don’t like any of them.


Instructions are too vague and lacking in detail


One-dimensional teaching that leaves more questions than answers


Most materials are out-dated and does not cover the latest designs


Skips over important parts and the diagrams are often confusing


Disguised as expensive advertisements for tools and gimmicks.

And if you’re just starting out, let me tell you I know how frustrating it is, because I personally had gone by the same experience years ago.

Well, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in concealment.

Over the past 5 years, by a long course of action of trial, error and experimentation…

I have developed the most comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE course that teaches you EVERYTHING you ever need to know about bike repair and maintenance. 

The complete program consists of over 200 videos – spanning 10 hours and 150 pages of guides and manuals.


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