E8 Cowin Review – The Noise Cancellation Just Got Better!

E8 Cowin Review – The Noise Cancellation Just Got Better!

Living in a busy urban area are hectic and demanding nowadays. Surrounded by noises in particular during rush hour times, sometimes might come from your neighbours or it could be something else. Privacy is scarce nowadays and one would seek for better relaxation and contentment in particular by listening to your favourite music on your favourite headphones. Gearing-up with a pair of headphones which have active noise cancelling could raise your relaxation more productively, namely the Cowin E8. So, what are the features which make this headphone different from the rest:

Noise Cancellation

Firstly, the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) characterize at 32 decibels level does a better job at isolating substantial number of sounds decibels from various range; best, mid and treble. This implies the ANC has the ability to cancel out the airplane rumbles and bus engines noises to a decent degree and blocking out conversation speeches. Hence, it allows you to enjoy your favourite music while travelling but perhaps less effective at busy office spaces as the headphones have leakages of sounds.

Sound Quality

Secondly, the sound quality is considered to be permissible but not the best in the headphones market. So, let’s begin with the bass, which is the meaningful part of sound quality. The low-end just manage to match with the thump and rumble shared to bass-heavy music meaning you’ll nevertheless be able to enjoy smooth bass guitar sounds. However, both the mid and high-bass makes the overall bass sounds a bit too heavy due to overemphasized in frequencies.


We will look into two features which makes the headphones perform better:

Battery Life

The Cowin E8 has 21 hours of battery life with 3.2 hours of charge time, which is considered to be decent for any headphone’s lover. This method that the battery will last for a day on average but slow when recharge. Bearing in mind, you’ll have to turn it off manually in order to save battery.


The Bluetooth comes in Version 4 and allows for a single device pairing only. This method you’re unable to switch to other Bluetooth supplies and have it fully supported on other devices. The ability for the headphones to switch to other Bluetooth devices is appropriate if you’re using it for working purposes for example, accepting a conference call during listening to your podcast. Also, implying that Cowin E8 is more appropriate for personal use instead of for working purposes. Another characterize which is lacking is that the Bluetooth has no Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing which method the headphones is unable to pair with other NFC devices making it more monotonous for the users.


In my opinion, the Cowin E8 is more appropriate for a lone-ranger kind motivated for personal usage. If you’re the kind who likes to travel and want to have some time alone. Then this pair of headphones could be appropriate for you. At $150 is worth an investment for better Active Noise Cancellation when listening to music or podcast on the move.

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