DUI Recidivism

DUI Recidivism

DUI recidivism is a major problem in the war on drunk driving. The original mission of the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was to prevent repeat offenders and chronic alcohol abusers from committing drunk driving offenses as that was the main crux of the DUI problem our nation faces.

DUI punishments can never be harsh enough to prevent recidivism from occurring on our nations highways. By increasing the penalties its been said that we are not preventing DUI recidivism but more so hammering social drinkers on their first DUI offense.

BAC, Traffic Convictions and Recidivism

The California department of motor vehicles reports that DUI convicts with low level blood alcohol concentrations (BAC’s) have a high rate of recidivism and present meaningful traffic safety risks. In addition, a 2 year history of traffic convictions is a highly meaningful predictor of DUI recidivism.

So What’s the Answer to DUI Recidivism?

One method that has proven to considerably reduce the rate of DUI recidivism has been the use and implementation of ignition interlock devices or IID’s. IID’s are installed on offender’s vehicles (or any means that the offender has access to such as spouse means’s and/or any other person sharing a residence with the offender). Ignition interlock devices require that the driver blow a breath sample into the device before starting the means. If the breath sample has a blood alcohol level of .02% or greater (in most situations) the means will not start.

Overall DUI recidivism is a serious issue and more solutions are needed because this issue is the leading cause of traffic fatalities on our nations highways today. The issue of drunk driving and serious bodily injury is chiefly caused by repeat offenders and not social drinkers.

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