DUI Charge? Can the Best DUI Lawyer Get the Charges Dropped?

DUI Charge? Can the Best DUI Lawyer Get the Charges Dropped?

When it comes to DUI charges, you truly do need the best lawyer your money can buy.

Every state is becoming more strict and most are adding mandatory minimum sentences. already if it happens to be the first time you have been arrested for driving under the influence, expect your life to change dramatically.

A friend of my family recently had a tragic family event occur and instead of deal with it in the appropriate manner, he chose to drink and excursion. We live in the Seattle Washington area and here, the laws regardingdriving under the influence or “DUI”, are very strict. Everyone who was with him that evening decided to take a cab and they were not able to retrieve the keys away from him. A few minutes after they left to hail a taxi, he was pulled over by the police. He now faces a two year suspension of his driving license and possible jail or home confinement with a ankle bracelet monitoring device. Those are just to start with. I was able to attend his first meeting with the DUI lawyer he chosen. I told him I wanted to learn more about lawyers and how they manager DUI situations. I also wanted to learn about their fees and mandatory minimum sentences for our specific state, Washington. DUI laws vary according to what state you are charged in.

Each lawyer specializes in the laws in his or her state. It is true that most states now have mandatory minimum sentences for DUI offenders, already first timers. Our friend contacted and met with several lawyers and the minimum cost was around five thousand dollars. If the case ends up in a trial, it could cost already more. This says nothing about the effects on the offenders family, job and social life. In Washington state, your drivers license is suspended before you are already convicted. If you don’t have an attorney, you are looking at very serious consequences that you may not confront if you hire the right DUI lawyer.

If you don’t have a very good lawyer that specializes in defending DUI situations, you can almost certainly forget about getting the charges filed against you dropped. You definitely need to find a way to acquire the best lawyer that specializes in this field.

Plan on paying a heavy price both financially and emotionally if you are convicted of driving under the influence. Your only hope is having the very best defense and an expert who wins situations similar to yours. Use the Internet to find the very best lawyer. Search forums and reviews for lawyers in your specific state and or county. The difference between doing this and nothing could average the difference between incarceration and freedom.

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