Duct Cleaning Can Be a Messy Job Or it Can Be Made Very Simple

Duct Cleaning Can Be a Messy Job Or it Can Be Made Very Simple

There are many companies that advertise air duct cleaning as a way to make the air in your home cleaner and healthier. While that is a good thing, there is a better way to enhance the air quality of your home. With the installation of a UV based air cleaner your can keep the ducts of your home clean and free of the many bad things that like to grow in your air ducts.

Many people today are becoming concerned about the air ducts in their home. These are the passages that the air flows by to heat or cool their homes. They can become a breeding ground for numerous molds, bacteria, and virus. With the addition of a very simple appliance you can eliminate much of the danger that could come from your ductwork.

Ultraviolet Light has been used for years to help to kill bad bacteria and sanitize equipment. Water treatment facilities use UV to treat the water before it is released into flows. In homes with wells polluted water can be treated by passing by a UV light. This kind of light is very effective at killing micro-organisms quickly and efficiently. Some of these systems are already effective at getting rid of hard to kill things such as SARS and the Swine Flu virus.

Now it is very easy to install an Ultraviolet Light in your air ducts to kill the many bad bugs that like to live in there. It is a simple as cutting a hole in your ductwork, mounting the unit to the side of the duct and plugging it in to an ordinary outlet.

While a physical cleaning or your air ducts may be a good idea it can be very expensive, dirty, and time consuming. Also to do this method that the ducts must be cut into in many places and sealing them up again permanently is a problem. With this kind of unit your ducts will self clean over time. I have seen many ducts that slowly clean them selves after the installation of a UV unit. It will not dissolve big hard items in your duct but it does tend to dissolve small dust particles and make your duct look cleaner.

The main consequence of installing a UV unit in your HVAC system is that you will be breathing air that is free of the bad stuff that can cause health problems. already if you choose to have your duct vacuumed and cleaned also consider the installation of a UV system to keep your ducts clean and sanitized.

Clean sanitary ductwork will give you and your family the healthiest, freshest air to breath possible.

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