Don’t Let a Pest Control Problem Shut Your Restaurant Down

Don’t Let a Pest Control Problem Shut Your Restaurant Down

We’re starting to see it more and more. Businesses look to cut costs during tough economic times. They’ll resort to cheaper paper towels, cleaning supplies, dish soap they can get at the dollar store, and more. When it comes to restaurants, these types of things are especially true. Certainly you don’t want to cut out the quality that makes your food special.

But a major mistake that some restaurants make, and it has cost them dearly, already putting some out of business, is cutting pest control from their budgets. When your kitchen needs to be squeaky clean to meet health code requirements, and the health department can show up at a moment’s notice, cutting pest control sets is a risk restaurants cannot provide to take, especially when reputation is everything in that business.

Tampa Bay’s WFTS ABC Action News ordinarily reports on these types of problems in the new stop’s Dirty Dining reports. Most recently, a popular dining identify in Largo, just outside Clearwater, was profiled on the show after it was shut down by the state for a week. The stop reports that state inspects found over 100 live and dead roaches in the kitchen, including food prep and cleaning areas.

Those who frequented the local restaurant were understandably upset when a place that they went to for healthy food with natural elements could overlook such a basic matter like cleanliness and slack off when it came to pest control.

A few months ago, ABC Action News reported a popular downtown St. Petersburg restaurant, known for its dining and night life, 50 rodent droppings were discovered near the cook’s line and on top of food containers. The owner said the restaurant and maintaining the 122-year-old character had been a huge undertaking and appeared overwhelmed.

We have to ask, though. Is this worth the risk of such harsh, almost irreparable damage to your restaurant and your own personal reputation? Is saving a few hundred dollars at the end of the year worth your livelihood, and the livelihood of your staff members, who cannot work if your doors close briefly or operations cease altogether?

These types of problems could have been avoided with routine specialized pest control, which includes spraying for bugs and rodents. Special types of pest control can be used in kitchen areas to make sure there are no issues with possible contamination of the sprays reaching food. The right pest control specialized will ensure this doesn’t happen.

The right exterminator can help you attack an infestation problem quickly, meaning there’s no downtime for you or your staff. He or she can also devise a custom maintenance plan to help you with certain problems that buildings in your area are inclined to. He or she can already educate your staff members about the right practices in the kitchen to ensure cleanliness as not to attract pests.

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