Did Grichka Bogdanoff have a wife?

GRICHKA Bogandoff was a French television personality who was also a presenter, producer, and scientific essayist alongside his twin brother Igor.

On December 28, 2021, it was reported that Bogandoff had passed away.


Igor Bogdanov and Amelie de Bourbon ParmeCredit: Getty

Was Grichka Bogdanoff married?

There is little known about Bogdanoff’s personal life, however, he had no known relationships or children.

He and his twin brother Igor were polar opposites, with Igor who married Amélie de Bourbon Parme in 2009 and the associate has one child together.


Grichka Bogdanoff passed away on December 28Credit: Getty

Who was Grichka Bogandoff and how did he die?

Grichka Bogdanoff, whose surname is also spelled Bogdanov, was 72 years old when he died and was known for his appearances on French TV alongside his brother, Igor.

The Bogdanoff twins are perhaps most known internationally for their eclectic personalities and style, and their identifying characteristics, identical facial structures, which the pair always insisted were not the consequence of plastic surgery.

Their noticeable roles in the sci-fi show, Temps X that aired in the 1980s helped them become a household name. 

Most recently, Bogdanoff and his brother Igor appeared on the French version of The Masked Singer in 2020.

Bogdanoff was rushed to Georges-Pompidou Hospital in France on December 15, 2021, from Covid-19 complications.

Bogdanoff’s family said he was “Surrounded by the love of his family and his loved ones, Grichka Bogdanoff passed away peacefully to join his stars,” his agent provided in a statement written to Le Monde.

A source told Le Monde that both brothers were unvaccinated against the Coronavirus.

What did people say about Grichka Bogandoff’s death?

The presenter of Touche pas à mon poste! (It’s only TV) said in a post on Twitter, “I just learned of Grichka’s disappearance, I’m really very affected.

I will miss him very much. He was a boy of incredible intelligence and self-mockery who commanded respect. I have crazy memories of him.

I think very much of Igor and his family. Very sad.”

La Voix De Nord (The Voice of the North) news said a colleague reported, “The same day, Bodganoff’s brother Igor was also admitted to intensive care in the same hospital and for identical reasons.”

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