Deja Vu Or Future Memory?

Deja Vu Or Future Memory?

Have you experienced a thought of something right before it happens? Right before you fall asleep, do you see things happening that truly happen the next day, or the week? Do you see people in your mind you’ve never met or already seen, and then you meet them at work? What about locations you’ve never been and a week later, you are there?

These experiences are truly a forerunner to deja vu. The experience of feeling like we have lived some fleeting moment in time before. There usually isn’t any more information than that fleeting glimpse of events, places or people. We can’t remember when we lived that moment or how we know what will happen. We just do. Some people believe that these glimpses come from dreams we don’t remember, that we’ve merely lost the memory of the rest of the dream. However, this is a different occurrence.

While everyone has memories of past events lurking about in their heads, as we awaken psychically, time, a product of linear thinking, is transcended. We increase our awareness of things beyond time and space and that leads to more intuition, synchronistic events and already deja vu. Once this transcendence begins, Future Memory also begins.

This happens more frequently as we awaken psychically because we become more sensitive to the bigger picture of the Universe. Our vibration levels rise and we naturally think more esoterically This in turn, leads us to focus beyond the plane where we exist in human form. By spending more time in the alpha state (a unexpected of higher vibration), we become aware of subtle energies that surround us.

Usually occurring in fleeting snippets, we begin to recognize these memories of the future as more than fantasies or dreams. Memories of the future may include meetings, thinking of someone prior to them contacting us, knowing statements before they are made, already having a gut twist before something awful happens. It may already be thinking of what you believe to be an original idea, only to read it in an conceal book.

As we expand psychically, we become more adept at manifesting, affecting physical reality. As we progress, the number of coincidences that are drawn to us or we create increase. While we tap into the future, we are creating it with our thoughts. consequently, we know it in improvement because we have already it thought and produced it. We are just more fully aware of what we are doing.

Most of these peaks at the future tend to be rather minor. If they involved life changing events, they would be called prophecies. Collectively, they might show higher consciousness messages, but chiefly, they are simply chains of thought forms we remember creating, just as we remember falling off a bike when we were 5. We usually don’t know what triggers a memory of the past and the same holds true for the future. You aren’t likely to remember creating that scene last year. Since we live in a linear world, future memories just seem more extraordinary as fewer people experience them.

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