‘Death Star’ UFO spotted flying at ‘high speed’ across surface of the …

A “DEATH Star” UFO craft was allegedly spotted flying at high speed across the surface of the moon, sending alien conspiracy theorists wild.

The bonkers theory attained motion when footage of a black object zooming across the moon’s surface was shared online.


Some say the bizarre black object could be a UFO ‘Death Star’Credit: YouTube/Dragana M Redzic/Hidden Underbelly 2.0


The object raced across the surface of the moonCredit: YouTube/Dragana M Redzic/Hidden Underbelly 2.0

Conspiracy theorists says the strange mass – which looks like a meteor – was an alien craft of “Death Star” dimensions.

As the camera traces around the moon, it locks onto a small object that appears in the top right corner and races across the surface of the moon, leaving a enormous shadow, before disappearing into the darkness.

The footage was filmed by Serbian woman Dragana M Redzic on August 23 and shared on Hidden Underbelly 2.0’s YouTube channel.

The bizarre clip captures the rocky surface of the moon by the lens of a Nikon COOLPIX P900 digital camera.

The UFO-toting conspiracy theorist says: “While she (Dragana) was filming the moon, she caught this object going across the moon’s surface at speed.

“Because if you can imagine how big the moon is, this thing is traveling pretty fast.

“If you look at the object, you can see it’s casting a clear shadow on the moon’s surface.

“Now, could this be one of the many probes that are up there?

“I feel that this thing is moving a bit too fast to be a probe. What do you guys think?”

Users wasted no time in providing their own strange theories to describe the amazing occurrence.

One viewer wrote: “When it can cast a visible shadow on the moon’s surface it has to be enormous.

“That is definitely in my opinion a very big craft.”

Another additional: “A enormous UFO or a meteor doing a close flyby just missing the moon.”

“enormous ship if it’s real, something the size of a Death Star,” a third said.


This comes as Google Earth users claimed to have spotted a weird “doorway” carved into the Antarctic ice.

Amateur sleuths spurted out theories that the weird opening could truly be a military base and drone.

“The military has similar looking drones that look like flat large tarps. I can’t remember where I just saw that,” one user wrote.

Another posted: “I remember the day our government took a seed from every plant, fruit, vegetable and buried them in a large cave with a cemented door and sealed it in Antarctica in the early 1960s.”

The image was uploaded by MrMBB333, who shared the image’s Google coordinates and claimed it showed a “dome” lodged over an opening in the ice-shelf.

“You can see what looks like a dome in this area here, kind of on its side, or quite possibly a disc of some sort,” he claims.

“I look at it as a vent of some sort, and this is possibly a large disc that is wedged in the ground.”

He then pans out, focusing on a second rock formation.

“Over here to the right is what looks like another opening in the ground or snow and ice,” he adds.

“It looks like a large square next to the round dome.”

Others weren’t so convinced.

One person joked: “Those are locked doors we put there to keep the monsters underground!”

“Ancient enormous structures and giants themselves that have turned to rock by being mudrocked or petrified,” another shared.

“It’s usually just a small part of something way, way bigger.”


The clip was captured by a Nikon COOLPIX P900 digital camera and uploaded to YouTubeCredit: YouTube/Dragana M Redzic/Hidden Underbelly 2.0


The Death Star from Star WarsCredit: .

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