Dark Green Poop – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Dark Green Bowel …

Dark Green Poop – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Dark Green Bowel …

Many of the people do not know what truly poop is? truly 75% of the poop comprises of water which would definitely differ from person to person. Further, the remaining 25% gets complimented by bacteria, undigested food residue, protein, salts, cholesterol and waste materials from the consumed food. typically, the poop is of yellow color but at times due to numerous reasons it gets colored as black, green, very dark brown, white and red.

Dark Green Poop:

An individual might produce dark green stool due to numerous reasons. It would be harmless but it might be symptoms of digestive disorders also. In most of the situations the stool becomes green colored when a person consumes large amount of leafy vegetables. additionally, it would also indicate that your diet contains huge amount of sugar.

Causes of Green Bowel Movement:

* Due to the consumption of large amount of green leafy vegetables
* Due to the presence of excessive sugar in your diet
* Green stool might already concern you when you are experiencing from diarrhea and when your bile salts passes in an unchanged state by the intestine.
* Malabsorption
* Food poisoning
* Laxative use
* Bacterial overgrowth
* Crohn’s disease

Symptoms and Signs:

Dark green poop truly does not ring the danger alarm as it is caused due to medications and ingested food. typically, it does not require any medication. However, if symptoms such as fever, constipation, diarrhea, rectal pain, weight loss or general malaise are also bothering you then you must visit your doctor as it might be a serious problem.


First try to find out the root cause which is truly causing green poop. If the above symptoms are also bothering you then you must consult a doctor. In order to avoid such problem you must opt for colon cleansing. It would flush out all the unwanted toxins from your body and help you to have regular bowel movements at ease.

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