Creating Energy – The Photovoltaic Cell

Creating Energy – The Photovoltaic Cell

The sun can produce more energy in one (1) hour than all the nations can produce in one year. The sun has a life expectancy of another five billion years; fossil fuels are to run near dry around the year 2050, so they calculate. The deal with that is quite simple, the sun’s energy is replaceable and fossil fuels are simply non-replaceable. The need for energy use is ever increasing along with the costs, what can we do? The sun is the ultimate replaceable energy that we humans have access to, we just need to harvest it and use it in a wise manner.

The solar panel is at the spotlight of a solar energy system, it converts the suns energy into electrical energy. A panel consists of photovoltaic (PV) cells used to create solar modules. A solar panel typically has 36 cells per panel. The cells roles very much like large semiconductors and uses a p-n junction diode to transform the suns rays to usable electricity. This is the “Photovoltaic Effect”. Another interesting fact is that a solar panel has no moving parts, um interesting. The life expectancy of panels is approximately 20-30 years.

Factors that will affect the efficiency of your solar strength system, direct sunlight, how long will your panels be in direct sunlight. This is the most important factor, as the panels need the suns energy to produce electrical strength. The panels need to stay in the sun as long as possible. On certain installations the panels will be on mounts that will follow the suns position to give them greater exposure to the sun during the day.

One kW of strength that is generated from a solar panel will prevent 150lbs. of coal from being mined and 300lbs. of C02 from being release into our air and save 105 gallons of water being used. Now that has some impressive stats on just how solar panels will help us curve the C02 emissions that we release every day into our world. Now that should make us all breath a little easier.

Technology is moving ever faster as we go into the second decade of the 21st century and solar panels and solar energy system are going to have a surge of popularity as we move on by the century. The cost of the systems will continue to decline as the popularity and efficiency rise in panel manufacturing and design. Future use of panels is to use them in our road ways; to install them on the roofs of our vehicles the possibilities are endless and only stop at mans imagination as technology keeps on moving forward with lightning speed.

Will and can solar strength save us from ourselves? With the amount of energy the sun generates and the ability of the photovoltaic effect how can we turn our back on this surprise in the sky that we call the sun. Solar use is getting more and more notice as country’s and cities turn to solar strength to satisfy the energy needs of the ever increasing population. I am very optimistic about where we will go from here, yes we can get off the fossil fuel addiction, and we have the willpower, the need and desire to succeed. This is what the sun can do and what we can do to harness its energy.

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